This is episode 18 of The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead by Lee Dixon and Lee Everett

Season 5,Episode 2Edit

Daryl and Aaron look around and quite a few walkers head in their direction "Oh crap" Aaron says "We can get through this,Aaron just shut up" Daryl says "Screw it" Aaron says and runs away "Asshole!" Daryl says and kills the walkers *Cue theme music*

Rick and Heath are walking through the woods and Daryl finds them Rick jumps back and aims his gun "Just you" Rick says and puts down his gun "Where's Aaron?" Heath asks "He ran when we got surrounded by a few walkers" Daryl says "Find anything?" Rick asks "Nothing,Not a single thing. Where's Rose and Ken?" Daryl asks "We don't know" Rick says and they head through the woods some more until Rick finds something "Oh my god" Rick says "What" Daryl asks "Look" Rick says and they look to see Carls hat stained in blood Rick starts crying "Rick,This doesn't mean he's dead,He could've dropped his hat or something!" Daryl says "Why is it stained in blood then? Look at everything he's just a kid,Daryl!" Rick says "He can handle himself and he had Michonne,Tyresse and Morgan with him He's fine Rick"  Daryl says "I don't think so,Let's go" Rick says and they walk back to alexandria.

Rick and the rest arrive at alexandria and meet Douglas and Aaron "Sorry about me running off,Daryl" Aaron says "Apology accepted" Daryl says "Where's Ken and Rose?" Rick asks "They never left" Dogulas says and walks to the right to reveal Ken standing there "Why didn't you leave?" Rick asks "I got Distracted" Ken says "Okay then" Rick says.

"Have any closets?" Daryl asks Douglas "Yes,One in each home" Douglas says "Alright" Daryl says and walks to the closet in his home and opens it and finds Ken and Rose doing it and instantly closes it "Wow" Daryl says and walks away.

Rick sets next to a fireplace while holding Carls hat while crying and looks at the hat for several seconds then throws it into the fire.

End of Episode



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