This is episode 20 of The Walking Dead; Life of the Dead by Lee Dixon and Lee Everett

Season 5,Episode 4Edit

"I'm gonna look for Carl and the rest with Ken,Rose and Douglas tonight,Rick" Daryl says "He's my son i should go too " Rick says "The state you're in,NO way!" Daryl says "I guess you're right,But you are bringing someone with one hand" Rick says "Merle survived a while with one hand,Ken'll do fine" Daryl says. Ken and Rose walk out the door "Hey Ken! Can i speak to you in private for a moment?" Pete says "Sure" Ken says and walks up to him "I don't care what you do,But bring my daughter back safe PROMISE ME!" Pete says "I promise" Ken says and walks out with Rose and they Meet up with Daryl and Douglas who walk out of alexandria *Cue theme music*

"Holy shit" Douglas says "What?" Daryl asks "Look over here!" Douglas says and they look over to find a dead body with an arrow in it's eye "You do this last time?" Douglas asks "I didn't,Not the same type of Arrow" Daryl says "Weird" Douglas says and they continue on through the woods.

"We've been looking for 2 hours and still haven't found anything but a dead body!" Ken says "We'll keep looking for another hour then we'll head back" Daryl says "Okay" Ken says "Guys! I found something" Rose says and the group walks over to her and Daryl picks it up "Carl's pistol! Thanks Rose" Daryl says "No problemo" Rose says Walkers head for the group "Walkers!" Daryl says  and shoots a couple in the head with his crossbow and retrieves the arrows,Rose stabs one in the head and Douglas shoots a couple more and Rose is grabbed by one "HELP HER!" Ken screams and Daryl shoots the walker in the head and retrieves the arrow "Thank you" Rose says "No need to thank me" Daryl says and they go back to alexandria.

"Rick,We found Carl's handgun" Daryl says "He lost it even more Defenseless" Rick said "Don't give up hope!" Daryl says "I don't really have a choice do i?" Rick says. Regina and Douglas sit in a bar "So how'd the search go" Regina asks "We found the kid's handgun could be more evidence that he's alive" Douglas says "Or dead" Regina says "I don't think so these people know how to survive. We found a corpse with an arrow in it" Douglas says "Interesting, I don't know what could've caused that" Regina says "Are you still sure they're good people? Douglas?" Regina asks "They are,One of them,Daryl saved Rose's life and said he didn't need to be thanked for it,They're selfless,Good people" Douglas says "I hope you're right" Regina says and walks out of the bar.

End of Episode



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