This is episode 22 of The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead by Lee Dixon and Lee Everett

Season 5,Ep 6Edit

"Regina!" Douglas screamed "Everyone but Me,Ken,Rick and Douglas OUT NOW!" Daryl screamed and everyone but Daryl,Ken,Rick and Douglas left "What the fuck were you thinking Ken!" Rick says "He would've killed someone else!" Ken says "You could've just knocked him out! Not kill him in front of everybody including the kids!" Daryl says "If he knocked him out,We would've executed him!" Douglas says "What?" Rick says "Like we would before the apocolypse for what he did,We would've executed him!" Douglas says Rick and Daryl look at Pete's dead body *Cue theme music*

Ken walks to Rose's home and knocked on the door "Rose!" He says and she opens the door "Forgive me,Please!" Ken says "How can i forgive you? You killed my fucking Dad!" Rose said "He abused your Mother! He killed Regina! He deserved it!" Ken says Rose shuts the door in anger "Fuck!" Ken says.

Rick,Daryl and Ken are walking through the streets and the people around them just look at him in shock and they go into the Bar "People are never going to agree with what you did but they will get over it one day,When they realise that someone getting murdered is NOT the worst thing in this world right now" Daryl says "Maybe" Ken says.

"Hey Tyresse!" Morgan says "What?" Tyresse says "You seen Michonne anywhere? I've been looking for her" Morgan asks "I think she's on a Supply run" Tyresse says "Alright,Thanks!" Morgan says "No problem" Tyresse says, Michonne walks through the woods to Hilltop and walks into it "What did you find" Jesus asks "A few guns and you're not gonna believe this!" Michonne says "What?" Jesus asks "This" Michonne says and holds up an arrow "Found this in a corpse! Could mean Rick and Daryl are alive somewhere!" Michonne says " That's great" Jesus says.

Ken is drinking at a bar by himself and just staring into a distance "Are you okay?" Someone asks "What have i done?" Ken says

End of Episode



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