This is episode 23 of The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead by Lee Dixon and Lee Everett

Season 5,Episode 7Edit

Douglas walks over to Rick,Daryl and Ken "There's walkers approaching i need you and a few others who are already there take them out!" Douglas says "Alright" They say and walk out of Alexandria to find Rose,Jessie and Eric holding guns "Hello,Ken" Rose said "Hello" Ken replied. "Alright everybody have a weapon" Eric says "Yes!" They shout and the walkers approach and They open fire blowing the walkers apart *Cue theme music*

"Pretty good for someone with one hand!" Michonne says putting her clothes on,Tyresse laughs "Not so bad yourself!" He replies and they finish putting their clothes on and walk outside. Carl walks over to Morgan "Hey!" Carl says "What is it Carl?" Morgan asks "You think he's alive? My dad?" Carl says "I think he is,Daryl was with him! i didn't know him for long but the guy seemed to be able to protect anyone well" Morgan says "I guess you're right,Thanks Morgan" Carl says.

"Least you said some words to each other again" Daryl says "I guess" Ken says Rick walks over to Daryl and Ken and sits down "Hey" Rick says "Hey" They both reply "You think that the shots alerted more of them?" Rick asked "It's been more than a day,Probably not" Daryl says "Good point" Rick says "So how are you and Rose doing" Rick asks "a little bit better,We said some words to each other" Ken  says "It's weird we can still have these conversations in the middle of an apocolypse!" Daryl says "Yes,Yes it is" Rick says.

"Can't believe he did that!" Douglas says "So,Are we still safe?" Eric says "Should be,No clear signs of danger around" Douglas says "Good!" Eric says *Camera moves back to a herd of walkers approaching Alexandria*

End of episode



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