Template:MatureContent This is episode 27 of The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead by Lee Dixon and Lee Everett and i just have to say....i'm sorry (Who this is for and why will become clear soon)

Season 5,Episode 11Edit

The group packed their things and started to head to hilltop "This should be fun....Oh shit" Daryl said as people wearing biker jackets on motorcycles drove to the group Rick takes his gun out and aims but is knocked out from behind *Cue theme music*

Rick wakes up and him and everyone one else are tied up A man walks up to Rick "Hello,I'm Negan and i'm the leader of these people some may say bikers,We are called the Saviors!" Negan says who takes out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and drags it across the ground as he walks around looking at each member of the group "Let's see which one of you should i take out first? The Redneck? The Black chick? Nah i don't wanna come off as racist or anything!" Negan says "Fuck you!" Michonne says "Shut your fucking mouth!" Negan says and walks up to Rose putting his hands on her face "Or this pretty face?" Negan says "DON'T HURT HER!" Ken screams "Was that a volunteer i heard?" Negan says turning around to Ken "Ken! No!" Rose says "It's okay,Rose" Ken says "Guess i didn't introduce you to my friend" Negan says holding up his baseball bat "This is Lucille!" Negan says and holds his baseball bat up high and swings into Ken's head "Ah!" Ken screams and Negan swings again and again and Ken's eye pops out "aaa" Ken briefly manages to say and Negan swings several more times till Ken's head looks like a smashed up pumpkin "Have a nice day" Negan says with a smile on his face "I'm going to kill you!" Daryl says while him and the rest of the group are crying "I bet you will!" Negan says and him and the saviors drive away Daryl cuts away his wire that had him tied up with an arrow he had and then cuts the rests.

"Oh my god" Rick says and vomits "We've gone through the Governor,The Hunters and Shane but this,Who the fuck is this guy. JESUS WE NEED ANSWERS NOW TELL US EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT NEGAN AND THE SAVIORS" Daryl says "I've told you everything i know,Now let's just head to hilltop" Jesus says and the group head to hilltop "We need to have a funeral for Ken,He done so much for us" Daryl says.

The group have a funeral for Ken "We've lost so many throughout the apocolypse,We may even lose a couple more and it's gonna take a while but eventually we will take the fight to Negan and we will kill them all." Rick says

End of Episode



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