This is episode 33 and the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead 

Season 6, Episode 1Edit

Rick takes out his gun and shoots the decapitated head of Carl "I'll fucking kill Negan! I'll skin the flesh off his bones!" Rick screams "Rick, I'm shocked and have no idea what to do right now, But calm the fuck down!" Jesus says Rick grabs Jesus "You know about him , YOu must know something!" Rick screams *Cue theme music*

Rick,Daryl and Michonne are standing in a room "We'll look at each place we know they go to and we will slaughter the saviors" Rick says "Rick, Listen to me, We're outnumbered, Out gunned, This anger will get you and everyone here, KILLED!" Daryl says "Fuck you, Daryl!" Rick says  "RIIIIIIICK!" Jesus screams.

They run out of the room and out to Jesus who's carrying a box "Found this outside haven't opened it yet, It's from Negan" Jesus says and gives it to Rick who opens it and finds the decapitated head of a Savior and a note which reads "Tomorrow morning, Meet me at the field near the old Hideout, Alone" "I gotta do this" Rick says "It's suicide!" Daryl says "It's my only chance, My only chance" Rick says "Rick, You can't!" Michonne says "I gotta" Rick says and he walks into his house.

The Next Morning Rick goes to the field where Negan is standing and there's no saviors around "No saviors, Surprised" Rick says "Hey if you go alone, I do" Negan says "So you ready?" Rick says "It's time" Negan says and charges at Rick 

              End of Episode



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