This is episode 35 of The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead by Lee Dixon

Season 6, Episode 3Edit

"He is dead, My king" Negan says to a man in the shadows "Good, The group will be easier to kill now" The man says "Or harder" Negan says *Cue theme music*

"I'm going to Hilltop to get some people willing to fight for us" Jesus says "I'm going with you" Daryl says "So am i" Rose says "We will leave later, Then" Jesus says

"Sherry, Amber stay here Carson, Connor, Mark, Mike, Tara, John, Paul, Molly with me" Said Negan "Where are we going?" Mark asks "Alexandria we're going to attack them and KILL THEM ALL" Negan says "Don't we attack there every 2 or 3 days?" Carson asks "The king's orders, We kill them all or he Kills us alll" Negan says.

Jesus, Daryl and Rose tell the Citizens of Hilltop about Rick and 20 of them join them then Jesus and Rose go to Earl Sutton the Black Smith "Earl, We're gonna need some weapons and a LOT OF THEM!" Jesus says "Okay, I'll just be one minute" Earl says secretly walking out the back door "Oh fuck, How could i be so stupid?"  Jesus says and runs out of the place. 

Earl runs out of Hilltop and Jesus runs after him shooting at him and finally shoots him in the leg and he runs up to him and shoots him in the head, Killing him.

Jesus goes back to Hilltop gets Rose, Daryl and anyone willing to fight and they go to Alexandria to find the place being attacked by saviors.

Jesus shoots Carson in the head and Negan notices them and grabs Ron.

"Don't move or i snap his neck!" Negan says "Dont you dare" Rose says, Negan smiles and snaps Rons neck, Killing him "Nooooooooooooo!" Daryl screams.

Negan and the saviors try to retreat but Daryl grabs Negan and knocks him out the saviors still retreat.

Negan wakes up in a cage in a dark room "What do you want?" Negan ask" The only reason you are still alive is because we need to know who the King is, So who is he?" Daryl asks "The king is..." Negan beings to say

  • To be continued.*

End of Episode




Earl Sutton

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