Template:MatureContentThis is Episode 36 of The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead by Lee Dixon

Season 6, Episode 4Edit

"His name is...........Ezekiel" Negaan says *The Camera jumps to an African American man with White hair* "HAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA" Ezekiel laughs from far away in a different location *Cue theme music*

"Where is he, What does he with us" Daryl asks "You'll find out soon!" Negan says "Tell me now!" Daryl shouts "I can't i've already said enough for him to Turn my head into a cup!" He says "If you don't tell me....that'll happen to you! anyway!" Daryl says and walks away.

"What's going on?" Michonne asks "Ezekiel is the leader of their group the "King" he's refusing to tell me what he wants with us and Where they are, But he did say "You'll find out soon" " Daryl says "You really think he was gonna tell us" Michonne asks "He did tell us the guys name" Daryl says "What should we do with him, Kill him, Let him go? Please don't let him go, He killed Rick and he killed Carl and many more!" Michonne says "I'm not letting go, Why would I?" Daryl says "Then we kill him?" Michonne asks "We kill him, That's decided" Daryl says.

Daryl walks near the cage Negan is in and aims his gun at Negan "Last words?" Daryl says "The Children!" Negan shouts "What?" Daryl asks "The Children, Ezekiel wants your children! That's his plan, He wants them, He prefers them over certain other types of people!" Negan says "That sick fuck!" Daryl says "And he lives at the Kingdom" Negan says "Where is it located?" Daryl asks "It's not too far from the field that Rick died in walk Left from it for a while and you should find it!" Negan says "You're not going to get out of here, But you're not gonna die yet!" Daryl says and walks out of the room.

"I didn't hear any gunshots, What happened" Michonne asks "He told us the plan and the location" Daryl says "What? Where?" Michonne asks "He wants the children, As slaves, Possibly in the act of .....Sex for some of that." Daryl says "What the fuck! What kind of sick fuck is this guy?" Michonne says "And the location is not too far from the place Rick died, I'm going alone!" Daryl says "What, You can't!" Michonne says "I can and i am going, Sorry! If i'm not back by tomorrow....Don't be worried!" Daryl says and he walks out of Alexandria "Where's he going?" Jesus asks "The Kingdom" Michonne says.

Daryl goes to the field where Rick died and goes left for a while eventually seeing a big fenced off area with a massive building inside "The kingdom i guess?" Daryl says

                         End of Episode



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