This is Episode 5 of Lee Dixon and Lee Everetts The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead

Episode 5Edit

  • The Governor is training the new woodbury soldiers to shoot* "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" The governor shouts,The governor approaches Lily "You're doing great,Lily is it?" The governor asks "Thanks,And you're right i'm Lily" Lily replies "Everyone,Watch what Lily's doing" The governor shouts *Cue theme music*

The governor walks into his secret room and sits down *Camera pans to show a empty fish tank* "Soon! I'll have something in it".

The governor walks to the training area "How's everyone doing" He asks Lily "Great,Niles is the best of them" Lily said and points at one of the soldiers "Good,Come with me" The governor says "Alright" Lily says and they walk off

  • At the prison* Rick,Tyresse and Daryl are repairing the fences "Daryl? We should probably talk about the attack and Carol you know" Rick says "He's lost a lot of people he cares about in not a lot of time,You should go easy on him" Tyresse says "Alright,I know"
  • Back at woodbury* Niles approaches the governor "Hey Gov where's Lilly?" Niles asked "She's sick,Don't worry it isn't by a bite,Just a normal cold apparently" Philip replied "Alright,Boss" Niles replied and left the room,Philip then walked into his secret room and sits down *Camera pans to reveal the fish tank with Lilly's Decapitated head* Philip starts laughing
  • Back at the prison* Rick is talking to Daryl who are both on Carols grave "Can't believe we've lost so many people to one asshole" Rick says "I'm gonna kill him" Daryl says "When you do that,I won't stop you" Rick replies.

Shumpert is walking with Glenn in corridors of the prison "So how's Maggie?" Shupert asks  "She and Beth are still very upset about Hershel dying,He affected all of us" Glenn said "Yeah he sure did" Shupert says "But honestly Maggie doesn't wanna lose any one else,I dunno what she'd do if anything happened to me" Glenn said and then Shupert knocks him out by hitting him on the back of the head "Yeah she would" Says Shupert who then leaves with Glenn to go to woodbury unnoticed 

  • End of Episode*                



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