This is episode 7 of Lee Dixon and Lee Everetts The Walking Dead: Life of the Dead

Episode 7Edit

  • The Governor is standing in front of beth who's arms are in ropes chained to the wall*  "Well look at you" The governor said Beth starts sobbing "Fuck you" Beth said "The mouth on you,Pull her pants down" The governor says The guard pulls her pants down "Now leave" The governor said,The guard leaves,The governor pulls his pants down *Camera goes to Ken's cell* "AH GOD AH HAE  AH HUAH HELP AH AH RI HELP KEN!" Beth screams and Ken has a disturbed look on his face *Cue theme music*
  • At the prison* Rick is talking to the group "They've got Beth and Ken,We need to go to woodbury and kill them all" Rick says "We do,Who is the group heading to woodbury who are you taking with you" Daryl asks "We're all going for this one,Except Roy you can stay here with Judith Keep  her safe" Rick says.

A sound of something exploding shocks them "They're here" Rick says "Grab Judith Roy and Everyone we'll go through the Tombs and run" Rick shouts Roy grabs Judith and they start running as they get outside roy is Sniped in the stomach and falls down and crushes Judith and they both die Rick starts sobbing "We gotta go Rick WE GOTTA GO" Daryl shouts and grabs rick and runs out of the prison and away.

  • From atop of a hill* The group watch as the prison is blown to rubble by grenade launchers "Our first properly safe place and we just fucking lost  it" Rick said "I can't believe Judith is gone" Daryl said "We need to go to woodbury and we're gonna gut the governor" Rick says.
  • Back to woodbury after the governor has returned* The governor has Beth and Ken sitting at a table  and Beth is sobbing "Will you just shut the fuck up" The governor says and starts beating Beth "DON'T YOU FUCKING DO ANYTHING MORE TO HER YOU SICK FUCK,SHE'S ONLY 17" Ken shouts The governor backs away from Beth and looks at Ken "Well now i see your true torture,I'm gonna beat him and i'm gonna make you watch" The governor says who approaches Ken and using a knife carves a little symbol into his right cheek

"Don't worry that's not gonna kill you just a little something" The governor says who then starts beating Ken right in front of Beth

  • The group approaches Woodbury* "So we do this now and kill them all or die trying?" Daryl asks "This is the only chance we've got" Rick responds and then puts bullets into his Colt Python

End of Episode


Roy Stark

Judith Grimes

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