T-dog looked around at all the woodburians standing around cheering at him and merle to fight to the death and t-dog was scared he felt like he was doomed he knew that merle wanted revenge and if he wanted to he would kill t-dog then he watched as the governor walked around him with only one eye.

Andrea: Let me go

Andrea broke free of derrick's hold and ran forward but martinez stopped her

Martinez: Stay out of this

Andrea: He's my friend

The Governor: It's not up to me anymore the people have spoken

Andrea: What

The governor then pointed at merle

The Governor: I asked you where your loyalties lied and you said here so prove it, prove it to us all

Shupert untied t-dog as t-dog then looked at merle in freight

The Governor: You wanted him and you got him, winner goes free, FIGHT, TO THE DEATH!

the crowd cheered again as merle looked around before then back at t-dog

Merle: You all know me, i'm gonna do whatever i got to do, to prove

Merle turned and punched t-dog right in the stomach and he fell down

Merle: That my loyalty

Merle kicked t-dog in the face as he tried to get up

Merle: Is with this town!

Andrea: Don't do this

T-Dog tried to get up but merle kicked him in the stomach then he got down and started punching t-dog

Merle: You made me loose my hand you piece of shit

The governor watched the fight with delight and then he motioned for some soldiers to come in but they had brought in some captive biters as andrea watched in horror. T-dog was beaten and laying on the ground as then merle went to hit him but t-dog then punched merle in the face and then t-dog got up and charged at merle and fell down with him then merle started choking t-dog as t-dog was holding merle before he started choking him

T-Dog: Do you really think this asshole is gonna let you go

Merle: Just follow my lead T were gonna get out of this right now

Merle pulled t-dog up and held onto him

Merle: Your friends will come until then we got to fight these biters

Merle pulled t-dog towards him and punched him before t-dog pushed him back into a walker and then t-dog started punching a walker while merle then smashed a walker with his stump. The governor saw this and pulled out his gun

Andrea: NO

The Governor aimed his gun at merle and loaded before then merle got back to back with t-dog as the governor was prepared to shoot but then a walker was shot in the head by an arrow then a guard was shot in the head and then another walker was shot in the head before then a smoke gerenade was tossed into the arena and the lights were all shot. Andrea hid while the governor aimed his gun around and smiled at this attack while then merle had t-dog right behind him as they ran threw the smoke as daryl ran over and got his arrows and got to merle

Daryl: Come on let's go

They ran forward and tim stopped them and he pointed his gun at daryl before t-dog punched him and then merle ran up and snapped tim's neck while haley watched in horror then the walkers were loose as the governor was walking one appeared and he quickly shot it in the head. A little girl was walking around the smoke as a walker was right behind her before then martinez shot it to death and picked up the little girl and ran

Andrea: T-DOG!!!!

t-dog, merle and daryl were running as then they saw shupert who stabbed a zombie in the head with t-dog's meat cleaver then daryl ran by and then t-dog snatched the cleaver out of shupert's hands and then merle smacked him in the face

T-Dog: Let's go

They ran until they saw a light and then they saw maggie and rick

Rick: Daryl you got him

T-Dog: Let's go

Rick then followed the 3 and so did maggie. The governor walked threw the smoke as then he got to the edge and watched them escape as shupert and gabe had their guns out searching around as the governor stood their.

Cue Theme Music

Rick, Maggie, Daryl, T-Dog and Merle had made it past the buses as they were escaping

Merle: Their all at the arena this way

Rick: Your not going anywhere with us

Merle: Do you really want to do this now

Merle started bashing open the gate until it was down

Daryl: Come on rick

The 4 of them were outside and found merle bashing a walkers head in with his stump

Merle: Little help would be nice

T-dog ran up and stabbed a walker in the head with his cleaver while daryl then shot the hines ward walker in the head with his crossbow as maggie then shot a walker and rick did too

Maggie: Alright let's keep going

Merle: See somebodies talking sense

T-dog looked at rick who nodded so the 5 of them kept running towards the woods as some walkers walked into woodbury. Glenn and michonne were siting by the car waiting for rick and them to return

Glenn: Thanks for getting us

Michonne: Your welcome

Rick: Glenn

glenn looked over and saw rick coming back

Glenn: Rick,,,, Rick

Glenn started walking towards rick

Glenn: Rick

Rick: Now glenn we got a problem here

Glenn then saw maggie and daryl followed by t-dog and then merle


Rick: Now hey hey hey

Glenn pulled out his glock and was pointing at merle while rick pointed his python at michonne who had raised her sword

Michonne: He tried to kill me

Maggie had her gun up to michonne as well while t-dog stepped in front of merle and so did daryl

Glenn: If it wasn't for him maggie-

Daryl: He helped us get out of their

Rick: Yeah right after he beat the shit out of t-dog

T-Dog: Rick it's fine i deserved it

Merle: Hey we both took our hits

Daryl: Jackass

Merle: Hey shut up


michonne tried to go for merle but rick stepped in the way

Rick: No

Merle: Hey calm down

Daryl: Shut it

Maggie: Glenn just put the gun down


Merle: Looks like you've gone native brother

T-Dog: Shut up man

Daryl: It's no better than you hanging out with cyclops back in the town

Merle: He is a charmer i'll give you that he's been putting the wood to your girlfriend andrea big time baby

Merle then taunted michonne as she looked at him angry

Glenn: Andrea's in woodbury

T-Dog: Right next to the governor

Michonne raised her sword again and t-dog now put his gun to her

Rick: I told you to drop that!

Michonne lowered her sword

Rick: You know andrea

Michonne just looked at him

Rick: Do you know andrea

Michonne just looked at him

Merle: Yep she does her and blonide spent all winter cuddled up in the forest

Michonne looked at merle as everybody was looking at her

Merle: My nubian queen here had two pet walkers no arms, cut the jaws off chained to her kind of ironic

Daryl: Shut up bro

Merle: Hey man we snapped them out of the woods andrea's close to dying

Maggie: Is that why she's with him

Merle: Yeah snug as two little bugs, so what you gonna do now sherrif, traveling with a bunch of liars and thugs

Rick: Shut up

Merle: Oh man look at this, pathetic, all these guns and no bullets in them

Glenn: Shut up

Daryl: SHUT UP!

Merle: Shut yourself bunch of pussies yo-

Rick then smacked merle in the back of the head with his python knocking him out

T-Dog: He deserved it

They looked at merle. Richardson pulled some noodles into a bowl as axel was doing this too as oscar was by them

Oscar: Damn man i miss denzel

carl came in as did tyreese and dale followed

Dale: So your okay

Quinn: Fine thanks

Dale walked to oscar

Dale: Make sure they don't try anything

Oscar: They won't i promise

Weston: This place is a nice setup

Tyreese: It'll last

Austin: Dale you were bit

Dale nodded as austin looked down as the door opened and carol came in holding the baby as the 4 men looked at it in shock

Richard: How old is the baby

Dale: It's barely a week

Richard started to follow carol as quinn looked over

Quinn: Tara always loved babies

Carol sat down the baby as richard had come over

Richard: It's beautiful

Carol: Thanks

Richard: A girl

Carol nodded

Richard: How you feeling

Carol: Oh she's not mine

Richard: Where's the mother

The group didn't answer they just tilted their heads down

Richard: I'm sorry

Weston: Man you people have been threw hell

Dale: Haven't we all

Weston: It's only getting worse out their dead are everywhere now and it makes the living less like the living

Richard: You guys are the only decent folks we have come across

Dale: You've been out their all this time

Richard: Me and weston here worked together and when this thing began we found this guy who lived in a bunker he took us in and when that place got overrun we lost like 10 people and we found tara and quinn on the road

Tyreese: Tara she the one you lost

Quinn: Yep

Carl: Sorry it's rough losing people

Weston: Then we found austin he took out at least 30 of them and was tired and near death but we were nice people so we saved him

Dale: We see that tara has a proper grave made

Quinn: Thanks

Richard: This makes me the first brother that broke into a prison

Axel: Makes me the first white boy that didn't want to break out

Dale: I said this before but we have a large group almost 20 people and our leader is coming back so don't get comfortable

Weston: Please

Richard: You can see what kind of people we are

Dale walked out along with everybody else. Daryl, Rick, Maggie, Glenn and T-Dog were having a group discussion by the car

Daryl: It's gotta work

Glenn: It can't

Rick: It'll just put everybody at each others throats

Daryl: Look governor's on the way to the prison right now and we could use the muscle and merle knows how he thinks

T-Dog: I'm with daryl on this one

Rick: You agree with this

T-Dog: Look it may be my fault that he's doesn't have a hand but listen to daryl

Maggie: I'm not sure

Daryl: So you'll take the last samuri instead of my brother

Rick: She's not coming with us

Maggie: She did help you get me and glenn

T-Dog: And merle saved my life

Rick looked at him confused

Glenn: Do you really want him living in the same cell block as carol, beth

Daryl: He ain't a rapist

Glenn: But his buddy is

Maggie looked at glenn angry before remembering the governor about to rape her but he didn't

Daryl: They ain't buddies anymore

Rick: T-Dog what did you mean

T-Dog: Look he seemed at first like he was gonna kill me but he didn't

Daryl: So we'll cut the samuri loose

Maggie: At least let me dad patch her up

Rick nodded before he looked at merle

Daryl: We don't know who she is but merle merle's blood

Glenn: No merle is your blood my blood, my family is standing right here and waiting for us back at the prison

Rick: And your a part of that family

they all looked at daryl as he watched merle get up then he looked back at rick

Daryl: Fine we'll fend for ourselves

Glenn: That's not what i was saying

Daryl: No him, no me

Maggie: Daryl you don't have to do that

Daryl: It was always merle and i before this

Maggie: Don't

Glenn: Your just gonna leave like that what are we gonna tell carol

Daryl: Tell her whatever

T-Dog: Look if daryl is leaving i'm going also

Rick: WHAT

Michonne looked over before she sat her head

Daryl: You think merle's gonna like that

T-Dog: I don't care i'm sure you'll protect me

Daryl nodded and looked at them

Daryl: Say goodbye to your family for me

Glenn: DARYL

Daryl and t-dog just started walking

Maggie: T don't go

T-dog kept walking as rick went up to daryl and walked with him

Rick: Their's gotta be another way

Daryl: Only one way, i'm not leaving him i already did that once

Rick continued to follow him as they had gotten to the trunk

Rick: We started something last night you realize that

Daryl: No him no me that's all i can say

T-Dog: Sorry rick

Rick: Don't leave

Daryl: Either me and him stay at the prison with ya or were going

Rick didn't answer he just looked at t-dog and daryl

T-Dog: What i guesed

Daryl: Take care of yourself rick and carl and little ass kicker, Carl's one tough kid

Daryl and t-dog walked towards merle

Glenn: DARYL

Maggie: T-DOG

They didn't answer instead merle put his arm around daryl as daryl did to him and merle nodded at t-dog who just looked at the brothers

Daryl: Let's go bro

They walked away as rick sadly watched then he threw his gun in the backseat and maggie's too before he went to the front as michonne smiled

Rick: We patch you up and then your gone don't get smily

Michonned nodded before she got in the back as rick got in and they drove away. Oscar entered outside and saw that a car was driving

Oscar: Hey richardson help me with the gates

Richardson: Got it

richardson opened the main door as oscar went down to the other one where tyreese waited as oscar then opened the gate and the car drove in before rick got out as carl ran down and hugged his dad

Rick: Everything okay

Carl: Yeah

Rick looked at maggie who was driving

Rick: Go up and park

Maggie: Alright

Rick looked at tyreese who stood their before he saw the car and noticed only a couple of seats taken

Tyreese: The group looks a little small shouldn't their be at least 7 people

Rick: Daryl and T-dog left

Tyreese: WHAT

Carol walked down

Carol: Where's daryl

Rick: Merle was with the governor so daryl and t-dog decided to go with him

Carol: Daryl's not here

Rick: I'm sorry no

Rick then held carol and carl's shoulders and tyreese followed before carl looked at his dad

Carl: Where's denzel

Rick: No

carl looked sad and oscar looked shocked before tyreese nudged him

Tyreese: Come on bro

Oscar nodded and followed he stopped at richardson and shook his head before they kept walking. The Governor sat in his house looking out the window at the scared townspeople before then he watched some walkers following some of his people and he smiled

The Governor: Picinics and drinks that ends now

He watched as the people were being eaten and he looked at his table and he picked up his pistol and walked outside where he saw martinez and gabe shooting the walkers with andrea and he went over to the suffering man and shot him in the head before he walked back inside as the people looked shocked

Karen: Did he just shot richard in the head

Andrea turned to her and sighed. Rick went towards the prison as beth ran up and hugged him before she kissed him on the cheek and went over to her sister as rick stood their before dale came out and hershel nodded at rick

Dale: So no daryl or t-dog even the prisoner didn't return

Rick: Denzel is dead the governor had t-dog and merle against each other and the town chanted for them to fight to death what kind of sick mind does that

Dale: The kind this world creates

Rick looked at him before he entered the prison and saw the new arrivals and he kept walking until he got to the cell block and saw judith and he kissed her head

Carol: She has lori's eyes

Rick started hearing a voice in his head before he walked over to tyreese

Rick: Who the hell are those people

Tyreese: They fought their way into the prison carl and me saved them

Carl: I wanted to help

Rick nodded before he turned and looked at them

Rick: I'm gonna talk to them

He went in as tyreese and oscar followed

Rick: Who's the leader

Richard: I am

Rick: What's your name

Richard: Richard

Rick: I'm rick you entered my house

Weston: Please let us stay

Austin: We lost tara getting in here

Quinn: The world is so small

Rick: I'm in a war right now i can't have casualties

Richard: Well were prepared to fight even die if we have too but we'll do anything to earn our keep

Rick: My best friend just left our group and he took a another and it's leaving a huge space in our group

Richard: You look like you got a lot of people

Rick: We do

Weston: We can help you

Rick: I don't want more hands than i can feed

Quinn: We can get our own food

Rick looked at them before then he looked at tyreese

Tyreese: Give them a chance

Andrew entered

Andrew: Hey oscar

Oscar: Sup bro

Rick: Fine

Rick shook richard's hand before he pointed at the top cells

Rick: You can sleep their some of you have to be together we don't have a lot of room

Weston: That's fine

Rick left as tyreese and oscar followed then andrew went over to richard as allen entered

Andrew: Welcome to the gang

Richard: Thanks

Andrew: Your name's richard

Richard: Yeah what's yours

Allen: He's andrew one of the prisoners

Quinn: What you in here for

Andrew: Drugs

Austin: Makes sense

Allen left as he passed rick who was looking at richard and them before billy came over

Billy: They staying

Rick: Yes

Billy: Is the governor going to retaliate

Maggie: Of course

Rick: We lost 3 members

Glenn: But we gained 4

Rick: I don't think you get it glenn we need daryl

Glenn: No we don't

Beth: Were weak without daryl

Rick: We are

Dexter: How many people we got

Axel: With us about a lot

Rick: What are you getting at dexter

Dexter: How many does he have

Michonne: He has about 60 left

Hershel: My god

Rick: Were gonna do whatever we got to so we can survive

Dale: But at what cost

Rick looked at him before he looked in the cell and saw lori their and he looked shocked


rick then ran out the front door and into the tower to escape lori as everybody looked shocked at their leader.

End Episode 9
The Walking Dead Intertitle 2012

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