Thorbjorn "Bjorn" Rasmussen
Jack, jeremy davies
Actor Jeremy Davies
Status Alive
Age 48
Gender Male
Occupation Fisherman
Ethnicity Norwegian
First Seen Issue 28
Other Information
 Thorbjorn "Bjorn" Rasmussen is a character in Beyond The Dead


 As the oldest of three, Bjorn had the parent-role, due to his mother dying in a car crash when he was five, and his father being an alcoholic. His sister took her life when she was 15, which left Bjorn and his brother Daniel alone.   Broken over the death of their sister, they both went into therapy. They got homeschooled until Bjorn was 19, due to the traumatic experiences. In the morning of Bjorn's 21th birthday, their father died. Neither Bjorn nor Daniel mourned, as he had always been a drunk and been rude towards them.

 Bjorn and Daniel got seperated. Where Daniel wanted to move to America, Bjorn liked Norway. He quickly found a job as fisherman, and fell in love with the occupation.

 Not before he had turned 26 got Bjorn a girlfriend. This only lasted three weeks, though. Bjorn's therapist, which he kept seeing every other week, told him it was due to his bad relationship to his parents that led to this hate towards women. This wasn't an explanation Bjorn liked, so he stopped seeing the therapist and soon enough tried another date. This lasted a little over a month, but he had to realize that what the therapist said was true; he had a problem with women.

  Bjorn choose to just escape from the problem and go to sea as often as he could. This was his life until he turned 48, where the outbreak began. It was manageable in Norway to a start, but Bjorn realized, within days, that he had to find his brother. He took a boat and eventually managed to get to America to look for his brother.


Soon to come...


Thorbjorn Rasmussin was created by Kaffe4200

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