Noah Lomax
Actor Noah Lomax
Status Alive
Age 8-10
Gender Male
Occupation Assumed Student
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relations Izzy (Sister; Deceased)
Monica (Mom; Deceased)
Jake Boms (Adopted Dad)
First Seen Morts-Vivants/Issue 2
Last Seen Morts-Vivants/Issue 58
Death Shot by Summer
Other Information
"I'm scared"
—Tommy to his group after being kidnapped by Zachary Silva

Tommy is a supporting character in Morts-Vivants.



Nothing is known about Tommy's life prior to the apocalypse except he had a sister and a mom


Tommy set up a camp off the highway with other survivors.  Tommy looked up to Jake, a member.  When the biters attacked the camp, him and Izzy were chased back to the camp and saved by Jake and Paul.  He survived the attack and went with the group to a farm that Jake said would be safe.  He was attacked by Patrick and got to Jim Lee's farm ok.  When David killed Monica, Jake adopted Tommy and Izzy.  When Dan attacked the farm survivors, he was attacked and almost killed along with Nancy and Izzy but he was saved by Billy.  He was kidnapped by Zachary Silva and put in a cell along with Jenny.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • None


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