This is Issue 10 of the UFSW Hunger Games and it is written by TheInfected.

Issue 10Edit

Ash finds himself watching as Conner finishes bashing in the brains of the man they just found. His once brown hair, white face and dark eyes are no longer recognizable once Conner is finished with him, as all of that has been replaced by the man’s dark brain splattered all over the floor. But that wasn’t what freaked Ash out the most, not at all actually. It was the mad look in Conner’s eyes as he did it, like he enjoyed it maybe. 

Soon enough however Conner finally decides there is nothing left to bash so he finally drops the once brown, now red bat on the ground. His eyes just stare down at the man’s body and Ash can tell he is trying to hide a smirk. “It’s just as simple as that…” Ash can hear Conner mutter to himself before he walks away from the body, now making his way toward Ash.

“Good job on finding him Kid.”

“Sure.” Ash says, forcing a smirk on his face like he agrees with Conner. “We gotta do anything to win right?” 

“Yeah.” Conner says with a smirk. He might have taught this kid a thing or two. “Alright so go get PJ so we can get out of here. There could be people coming after this guy.” 

“Alright meet you in five.” Ash says as he turns away from Conner, now being able to let go of the fake smirk. As he begins to walk away he can see Conner dragging the man’s body out of the corner of his eye. His blood now flowing all over the pavement. It was disgusting but must have been a normal sight in Conner’s eyes.

Soon enough Ash turns the corner to find PJ still sitting in the same alley Ash left him in and still digging through his bag of supplies. Like he was trying to make a weapon. “Hey kid.” Ash says which makes PJ slightly jump before he realizes it’s Ash and Ash grows a small smirk from this. “What you making?”

“Oh nothing.” PJ says as he just puts the bag down, his complete attention on Ash and at this moment that is exactly what Ash needed. PJ can soon tell that something is wrong by the look in Ash’s eyes. “What’s wrong?” 

“I want to leave,” Ash says suddenly “leave him.” Ash finishes with a completely different tone towards the end. PJ stared at Ash like he was just a acting stupid at the moment.

“Conner is one of the only reasons we are probably still alive, Ash.” PJ reminds him hoping that they would change Ash’s mind, but it didn’t at the slightest. “Why do you want to leave all of a sudden?”

“I don’t trust him. Besides we could survive on our own out there, we don’t need him.”

“So what you just want to leave him?”

“No. I was thinking the other option.” Ash says hushed and it didn’t take a second for PJ to figure out what the other option is. 

The other option was to kill Conner.

No Hope. There was truly no hope, well at least that’s what Mark Jones though as he limped across the dull suburbs of Washington D.C.He looked like a mess right now. Blood running down his shirt due to a gunshot, his ankle still remained popped out of place and ever move caused him to silently scream and his eyes, his broken eyes, are tired and filled with anger. He’s had quite a day.

After losing his friends the other day he finally decided to play this game. He killed three people today; One brown haired girl, a dark skinned, slight gray haired woman and a young teenage boy. Even after how brutally he killed the boy Mark doesn’t regret a thing. Only thing he regrets is getting injured.

In Fact he was so injured that he couldn’t keep walking and he found himself stopping against the brick wall that sat behind him, and although it was hard as nails Mark still found comfort against it. He just found comfort in sitting down to be honest. Taking slow, deep breaths Mark finally decides to check and see what is wrong with him at the moment and how he could fix it.

Now there was nothing Mark could do about the gunshot, by himself at least. But another thought drifted into his mind. He could fix his foot. Mark looks down onto his foot and looks at it’s odd, current shape as it sits out of place. Maybe, just maybe Mark could snap it into place. The pain was unimaginable but the success it could bring Mark was good. Mark couldn’t help but think of the saying ‘No Pain, No Gain’ at that moment and the saying applied to him right now. If he was going to win this he needed to be in best shape he could possible be in. 

“Now or never.” Mark encourages himself repeatedly as he places his rifle on the ground next to him and he pulls his leg close. Placing his hand on his foot he cringes at the feel of it. He couldn’t even feel it and it felt lose. Could make Mark puke but now wasn’t the time. He closes his eyes and bites down on his lip as he grips his foot. 

Then quicker than anything he’s ever done he spins his hand around and can only let out a bloody murder scream as he can feel his foot snap into place. The pain was unbearable but it only lasted for a short moment.

Only a short moment. Then it was gone. The pain was gone just like that. Mark slowly opens his eyes and looks at his foot, moving his toes back and forth. It felt right, the shape was right and it was all good. He fixed it. Mark can’t help but smirk at his success but he can’t just sit here forever. He needed to move as the walkers were fast approaching. Jumping to his feet, now hard so his foot can rest, he picks up his rifle and makes his way down the alley. Ready to play again.

Just like that it was over. It was the push of a trigger and blam, it was over. But while Alfred stood there he couldn’t help but shake his hand as he stared down at the body that was in front of him. The suited man now sits there on the ground with a bullet right through his head. The man that tried helping him now laid there cold and dead. 

Yet it wasn’t simple like Alfred thought. He had this gut wrenching feeling like he could just puke as he looked down at the body and the feeling, that horrible feeling of regret stirred inside him. As simple as that Cole and Billie said to him. Yet they were wrong by far.

It wasn’t as simple as that. But at least now Alfred can show his worth to them.

Not wanting to look at the body anymore he turns to leave and meet up with Cole but something stops him. He thinks he heard something. Like a breath. He quickly turns around and aims his pistol across the room over to the doorway, where the main emerged from earlier. He must have friends. He wishes it was just his imagination however as he doesn’t want to kill anyone else. But if Alfred wanted to survive then so be it.

Amelia currently watched the man who just killed Richard as he aims in their direction, his hand shaking yet firmly on the trigger. She must have made too much noise. “C’mon on out.” The man quietly says as he stands his ground. “Don’t make me come over there.”

Amelia curses under her breath and she glances next to her over to Leroy, who currently stands there panicked. In just under a few minutes both Joe and Richard were killed and she’s left alone with Leroy. He was hers now. 

“What do we do?” Leroy quietly asks trying not to make to much noise.

“Just follow me.” She says back quickly before slightly glancing out the door again. The man was still there and he slowly began to make his way toward them. Amelia does look at the door they came in through but the man would seem them if she tried to run. She had to do this quick and had to get Leroy at.

Alfred slowly makes his way toward the door and his suspicions are confirmed when a blonde haired girl jumps out from there. Alfred quickly notices something in her hand and he is about to kill her before the girl throws something and he can feel a glass vase connect with his face. Alfred’s shot completely misses as he jumps back, wiping the glass from his face and slightly screaming. He couldn’t see and who knew what the girl would do. 

Amelia had no time to take down Alfred and she instead ran for the exit with Leroy right behind her. “Just don’t look back.” She shouts to him before they both run out the exit.

Alfred looks around the room again and sees the girl is gone. Another survivor on the loose. He quickly curses himself as he wipes the final piece of glass away. “God damnit.” He mutters to himself as he tries thinking what to do. Does he follow them?

Luckily Alfred didn’t have to chose because he soon heard a familiar voice boom behind him. “Alfred?” Cole asks and Alfred turns around to face Cole.

Cole walks closer to Alfred and can catch a dead body on the floor next to him. Cole and Alfred lock eyes for a second and Alfred gives a slight nod to show that he was the one did it. Cole can’t help but smirk then as Alfred makes his way back to him.

Alfred will be use to him afterall.

Scott didn’t really know what to say after all that’s happened in the past day. He wishes he could just say that everything will be okay. That nothing bad would happen. That they would be safe. Of course though every one of those sentences would be lies. They weren’t safe and it was gonna be okay. Never again at least.

He glances up toward Lilly, who now longer looks like the pretty girl he met two days ago or something. Sure she was still pretty and all but she looked different now. Her hair is all mangled is hanging all around her face, her blue eyes are glassy and red from all her crying and her skin is pale. Recently she’s been acting depressed and has been more anti-social, preferring to cry then do anything else. Scott couldn’t blame her though, she did lose her boyfriend and close friend in only a matter of minutes. 

Because Lilly has went off the deep end Scott has had to step up. He’s in charge of the weapons now, he is on guard duty and he is the one to kill walkers. Sure walkers still scared him but he needed to do it. Only way he would survive now. 

Scott glances around the small apartment he is now, with Lilly sitting over on the couch., drinking some alcohol she found. She didn’t seem like a drunk but hey stuff changes people. Especially a giant death game. That tends to change people. 

“So……” Scott says aloud hoping that Lilly would reply to him this time. Yet after a moment he realized she wasn’t gonna reply and that if Scott kept talking he would just be talking to himself. He knew that Lilly didn’t like him and although she wouldn’t say it he knew that she wanted him dead. It was his fault for Adam and Morgan’s death; in her eyes. 

"We need to get moving." Scott finally says after the period of sielnce. Lilly just nods in agreement as Scott hops to his feet and prepares to pack, but the nod just wasn't enough for him. He wanted to hear her voice.

"Look I get it. I get that you're upset and all but I'm tired of hearing my own voice. So do me a favor and speak or I will walk out that door without your ass. Okay? I lost people to but you don't see my crying a river." Lilly finally looks up at him after he says these words and Scott feels like maybe he went to far, but he doesn't show it in his face.

"What happened to you, kid?" Lilly says as she smirks a little bit, impressed at Scott's attitude. "You're no longer that scared little kid we found and that was only like a few days ago."

"I decided to play this freaking game."

"Really now?"

"Just a few days ago I woke up in some foreign country, watched my best friend turn into a killer then witnessed with my own eyes as someone killed him. Then just two days ago both Adam and Morgan died and it's my freaking fault their dead. So excuse me if I'm just tired of all this shit." Scott spits out rather defensively. However every word he said is true. He's tired of this game and he just wants to get out of here. He doesn't even care about winning because he doesn't want more blood spilt, he has already seen enough.

"So what do you propose mr. Tough guy?" Scott doesn’t know how to answer at first and he instead just glances around the room, thinking. He never was much of a leader but now he had no choice. He needed to think of someway to get him and Lilly to safety. He glances over to his bag until he sees it. Something that catches his eye. A note.

Walking over to his bag he looks down on the note; The same crumpled up note he found with Peter a few days ago. The one announcing his role into these games. But looking at the note makes him think. About the gamemaker. All of this happened because of this person. All his friends died and just look at what Scott became, in only a matter of days. He was no longer a scared kid and it was all this guy's fault. Not Peters, not the two men that killed him or not the brown haired man that killed Morgan. No it was this guy.

"I say we find this freaking guy," Scott says as he holds up the note "and put a bullet in his head."

The gunshot rings out loud as another walker falls to the ground, with Ken standing directly in front of it with a smoking gun. All around Ken there are numerous amounts of walkers, all of them having their sights on him. 

Ken fired another shot as he began to back up, looking over his shoulder as he does. This is just my fucking luck he thinks as he begins to run away from the herd. Of course it had to be his luck though, everything always happens to Ken. 

Though this could be partly his fault, as it was him running around the area shooting his gun like a madman. Shot after shot he wasted as he shot at the walkers near him, and that of course just attracted more of them. Ken had an act for attracting unnecessary stuff.

But Ken had a reason to find be going around shooting like that. He was trying to find one thing and one thing only. 

To find Leroy.

But Ken couldn’t think about his agenda now as he began to exit the alley, hoping that he could find at least one safe area. He takes a quick note around the area but sees most of the buildings have broken doors and windows, nothing useful right now. He takes a look behind him and sees the herd still isn’t giving up. “Fucking shit..” Ken says to himself loudly as he turns down the street.

The walkers keep coming closer, with more walkers joining the herd by the minute, as Ken gets closer and closer to death. He needs to get off the street fast. Quickly lifting his pistol close he quickly checks his ammo and notices the bad news. Six bullets and about thirty walkers. Things weren’t looking to good.

“Fuck it.” He says as he swiftly turns around to face the herd, lifting his pistol as he does. If this herd was gonna chase him then least Ken can do is get rid of some of them. He fires one shot, followed by another, and watches as two walkers fall. Only two. 

That was good enough for now though because Ken began to turn and run again. It was his mission to get out of their alive because he had some thinking to do after this.

“He did?” Billie asks almost happy, yet keeping her voice down as she speaks with Cole, having just been informed by him that Alfred killed someone. She even talked herself into thinking that Alfred would chicken out again but she was proving wrong. She even learned that Cole also got someone killed, some asian teenager. Even though their plan went wrong they still got two people out of the way.

“He just seems so, I don’t know out of it right now.” Cole says which breaks Billie out of her thoughts. She glances over to her right and sees Alfred sitting on the bench, like he still is trying to comprehend himself.

“Sure he’s probably weirded out but it’s his first kill. I still remember what I was like after Iv-” She begins to say but stops herself. No time to think about memories now, especially memories like that. “Look point is that stuff can only get better now.”

“Better? How the hell can things get better?”

“Well we are prepared first off. Sure we still got other people out there but we are ready for them now. No weak links this time.”

“Alright well-” Cole begins to say before Alfred’s voice begins to overshadow his.

“Umm guys,” Alfred calls over as he stands to his feet “So what are we doing exactly.”

Cole looks at him then back to Billie, trying to see what they want to do now. Personally Cole just wants a rest but there was no rest in these games, rest is what gets you killed. “Well,” Cole begins to say hoping that either Billie or Alfred would make a suggestion so that Cole wouldn’t have to, but no one spoke “we could either take shelter or go out hunting until the sun goes down.”

Alfred looks over to the window and glances up at the sun, which is about in the middle of the sky. “It has to be around three pm I guess.”

“Then we still have plenty of time to look around the area.” Cole and Alfred look at each other, trying to see what they think of Billie’s suggestion. Cole and Alfred are all worn out but there was no stopping Billie once she made a suggestion.

“I guess we can go out for a little bit.” Cole says to her, just hoping that they won’t meet action this time around. They barely got out of it last time and he doesn’t want to risk it again. Who knows when their luck will run out again.

“You guys ever been here before or no?” Conner asks Ash and PJ as they walk through what remains of Busch Gardens. The once crowded, playful amusement park now stands deserted as the worn out rides just sit there in silence, now longer being able to give entertainment now. It’s just there to remind them that everything apart from the old world is gone.

“I been to places like here.” Ash says as he eyes the tall rides and former booths where people would sell stuff at, plus the carnival themed games that are scattered around. Makes Ash think about how much he misses his childhood. “You ever come here?”

“Once. I don’t even know how long ago it was but I still remember it,” Conner begins to smile at these old memories “the energy, excitement and fun made all the kids laugh. Hell even my-” Conner’s smile fades away as he realizes he was going into to much detail, no need to talk about Joey here. 

“Your what?” PJ asks slightly interested in the story Conner was going to tell.


“Oh.” After that the three return to their usual silence, with Conner just trying to focus on the mission on hand as he scans the deserted area. Ash, however, also does the same as he keeps sending PJ looks about if he is ready to leave yet.

But truth was PJ didn’t really think leaving was the best idea. Sure Ash and him could survive on their own but there was no denying that they were safer with Conner. Like it or not Conner is the best at these kind of things and he was the perfect guy they should be with, he just doesn’t understand why Ash just wants to leave him.

Or kill him.

“So what are we doing here?” Ash finally decides to speak up and break the silence, kind of curious on why Conner just bought them to a random park.

“Take a look around, kid.” Ash follows his advice and takes a look around the park. “Look we got vantage points, perfect shelter and perfect place for traps.”

“So you’re saying we can make this into our base?”

“More than that. If PJ can get the generators on then we can attract most of the contestants over here and pick them off one by one.” Conner announces his plan.

Ash, instead of disagreeing with Conner, thinks that this is a smart idea. This way, if it even works, they can not only take out all competition but then pull a sneak move on Conner and win this game. This plan was perfect. “Sounds pretty good to me.” He says covering up his sly excitement.

Ash and Conner glance toward PJ to await his answer and PJ slightly freezes at this. This was a lot of pressure on him and he didn’t even know what the generators looked like. He doesn’t know if he can do this. “I-” He looks at them and can see their eagerness “I can try.”

Conner has a slight, but still visible smirk at their plan. It was survival of the fittest and he was gonna make sure that he and the boys win these games. But that question still dangled in his mind that if only one person could win, does that mean Conner would have to kill the boys? Maybe he would just let them win but he can’t focus on that now. He had a task to do now. 

“Alright then,” Conner finally says “Lets get to work.”

“You okay?” Amelia asks Leroy while the two walk down the road, both of them sitting in silence. It has been sorta awkward between them after the two escaped the man in the building, both still distressed though. People just seem to die around them. 

“Yeah.” He silently says as he kicks his feet into the dust, watching the dust slowly fly around afterwards. “I guess anyways. These games aren’t exactly the best place for me to be in.”

“It’ll be alright.” Amelia says, making sure not to say the words ‘I promise.’ She didn’t think it would be okay but she just had to keep the kid calm. Afterall that’s what she used to say to Bobby when he was that age, even younger. It would calm him.

That is when Amelia notices the similarities between Leroy and the younger Bobby, this was all deja vu with her. She figured she would just do everything she did with Bobby with Leroy, once they find their way out of course.

Leroy on the other hand still remains suspicious of Amelia. Sure she saved him and all but Ken saved him too, and look how that turned out. Leroy almost died because of Ken and truth is Leroy is still sorta scared that Ken will get him. 

Then again maybe Amelia would turn out differently. Maybe she won’t beat him slowly and try to shoot him. But until then Leroy isn’t taking chances and he’s prepared if she makes a move. “So what do you want to do?” He can hear Amelia’s voice say and he drowns back into reality.

“I don’t know. I never really was much of the planner,” Leroy admits “so whatever you want I guess.”

“Alright then.” Amelia says as she steps in front of Leroy, glancing around to see where it is safe to go. “So what’s your story?”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s your little story about these games? Meet any people, join any groups, kill anyone?”

“Ummmmm,” Leroy starts off. “Not really much of a story. Woke up in a store with my friend, we met up with my other friend and they died.” Leroy didn’t want to get into much detail this time like he did with Ken.

“Oh.” Amelia says to his short, non-detailed story. “I lost all my friends to, you know. My one friend Sarah, more like a mother to me actually, jumped in front of bullets for me. My other friend got his face beat in, the other was shot in the neck and the other is well missing.” Amelia briefly recaps the death of her friends as she walks down the road.

“These games really suck, huh?” 

“More than that. It’s a nightmare.”

“Go after the note fucker?” Lilly asks like she is trying not to laugh at Scott’s plan.

“Why not?”

“Well we don’t know where the hell he is first off and this is a pretty big place.” Lilly reminds Scott and Scott can’t say he thought of that. He has recognition of this place so he had no idea where people like that would hide out. 

“True.” Scott mutters as he plops back onto the couch, rubbing his face into his hands as he does. Sure Lilly was right about not knowing where this guy was but Scott wanted to get this guy. Everyone in these games are just like him, not the enemies. The bad thing is that only Scott can see that. “Okay so you probably know this country better than me, so where do you think people would hide out?”

Lilly, deciding to actually help Scott, thinks for a few minutes about where people could hide. Now Lilly was from Canadia so she didn’t know much about this place either, but she knew some facts. “Well there is the ummmmmm.” She pauses and thinks so more as Scott awaits her answers “There is the Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian, the White House….”

“White House? What’s that?”

“It’s the place where the President, well the person in charge, lived and like his house of operations. I think at least.”

“Huh.” Scott begins as he thinks about that. Sounds like the perfect place for a game maker. “Well I think I know the first place we should look then.”

“That’s a cool plan and all but the White House is like miles away from here, I think, and-”

“It is our only lead.” Scott spits at her “This can be our chance to get this guy and end all of this.”

Conner takes his position on top of the wooden roller coaster, with the scoped rifle they found earlier wrapped around his hands and him on a knee for better balance. As he predicted he had a giant vantage point as he gazed over Busch Gardens, at this view actually he could almost see the whole park. Perfect place for sniping. So far the plan was going as planned and if it went right then Conner would be able to snipe everyone he sees up here.

Making sure the cart is right next to him just in case he needs protection, he decides to check up on everyone else. He stands onto both his feet and aims his scope over to where the generators are at, where he can see PJ making the final touches. If this went as planned then Conner owes this kid big time.

Conner aims his scope over to the other side where he can see Ash in position to; On the Confession stand with a silver, powerful crossbow in his hands. Luckily Ash also managed to find that in the park. Hopefully Ash wouldn’t have to shoot unless someone gets close, where he can use the silenced crossbow to safety.

Ash, who has six arrows sitting next to him plus the one on the crossbow, feels prepared as he looks over to PJ. Ash wasn’t really scared for himself if stuff went wrong but he was for PJ, because PJ wasn’t really the fighting type. Then again PJ had the easy job after this because all he had to do was hide out. But if shit did go wrong then that would be the perfect time for Ash and PJ to leave Conner.

“PJ!” Ash shouts over to PJ, who immediately looks over in Ash’s direction. “You ready for this!”

“It’s all set up!” PJ shouts back as he turns back toward the machine “Once you guys are ready I can start this up.”

Ash looks up toward Conner and gives him a thumbs up, to see if he was ready and Conner soon gives the thumbs up back. They were all ready. “Start it up!” Ash shouts over to PJ as he begins to lay back down, gripping the crossbow as he does. “And be safe!” He shouts over one final time to PJ. 

Let the games begin.

It’s been hours as Ken still continues try to escape the herd that’s been chasing him, this time however he’s decided to take a different approach. Instead of running and running he instead hides behind buildings and alleys, watching as the infected move around the main streets. Their still looking for him.

Ken peeks his head around the corner and watches the infected slowly shuffle down the street, moaning and groaning. They haven’t seen him yet and he attempts to keep it that way. With no ammo left and only a pocket knife to do his bidding, Ken had to be very stealthy in his next few moves. He looks over into the next alley and notices a fire escape that could help him escape.

Taking a deep breath Ken begins to make a move for it. He slowly walks over to the next alley, making sure to not make a single noise as he does. Slowly and slowly he crosses into the next alley and not a single walker seems to notice him. He appears to be in the clear.

Putting his knife into his pocket, he grips his hand onto the cold, steel ladder and makes one more look around to make sure he is in the clear. Once that is done he begins to ascend up the ladder, still trying to be as quiet as he can. But it wasn’t the easiest task as the ladder creaked with every step Ken made. 

“I freaking hate these games…” Ken mutters as he climbs to the top of the building and finds that it is actually safe. Safety, Ken almost couldn’t believe it at first, but soon found himself collapsing onto the roof. Ken had to admit that it felt great laying down, infact he could do it all day, but that wouldn’t help him get out of here. 

After a few moments Ken gets up and yawns as he does, like it or not this was no time for naps. It was time to strategize. Alone, no supplies and the fact he only killed one person so far isn’t really making Ken look good. If Ken needs to win this then he needs to step up, starting now.

Which meant no more searching for Leroy. Sure the kid was sorta responsible for the death of John, but he couldn’t just waste his time searching for a kid. No he needed to search for others.

He needs to play this game, which he should have been doing from the start, and needs to win for John; John died for this shit and Ken wasn’t gonna make him die in vein. Now was the time.

Now also appeared to be the time for something else as Ken soon heard a sudden boom, like something turned on. Confused he looks around as he soon begins to hear music to, coming from somewhere.

“What the hell is that?!” Billie asks as the three of them search some old fruit store, but something felt off to Billie. 


“It’s just that..I think I hear something.” Cole and Alfred both look at her and she signals for them to be quiet, giving them a hush to do so. Cole and Alfred hesitantly shut up as they to listen for any noises. Soon enough they do hear something. Like a distant sound of music. Stupid carnival-amusement like park music. 

“What the hell?” Cole mutters as he makes his way toward the front doors to investigate the sound, with Billie and Alfred right behind him. Upon exiting the doors Cole glances in all directions, trying to find the source of the weird music.

“There.” Alfred says, pointing his finger in the direction of the music. Cole and Billie walk over to his side and glance in the direction and can not believe their eyes when they see what looks like a lit up amusement park. “Looks like Busch Gardens.”

“Why the hell is it powered up though.” Billie asks, to herself and the group, as she squints toward it to see if she anything. “We should go check it out.”

“Really? I think it’s obvious that it’s a trap.”

“Yeah but if we do it right then we can trap the trappers” Billie reminds Alfred, who looks like he isn’t really in the mood for another conflict. Cole, who thinks the same thing as Alfred, also knows that they should go down there and see what it is. 

“Alright I think we should…” Cole begins to say, making sure to pick his next words very carefully. Cole knew it was a trap and who knew what could go wrong.

Mark quickly, as best as he can, runs through the area as the sound he has been hearing comes more into distance. Something big was definitely going on and Mark wasn’t gonna miss it for the world. With his rifle in hand and his pistol in back pocket, Mark was ready for anything that people might throw at him.

He runs up to a crossroad and listens to the music, trying to see where it’s coming from. Left or right? The sound is still distant so he can’t tell which way it is exactly. Taking a leap of faith he sprints in the left direction and just hopes he is going the right way.

Luckily he thinks he is going the right way as the music comes more into distance and Mark can see where the music is from. It looks like an amusement park. A powered up park. “What the hell?” Mark asks himself as he runs closer than it.

However it appears that Mark wasn’t the only one attracted to this as he can see many walkers roaming toward the sound. If Mark and the walkers were heading toward it then he guesses that other contestants hear it too. This was gonna be good. Throwing the rifle around his back he takes out his pistol and shoots the first walker that comes close to him. 

Conner still kneels on top of the roller coaster as he aims around the park, trying to see if anyone has stumbled into his trap yet. From this height he can see that Ash hasn’t found anyone either. The park appears to still be dead. He slowly moves his scope around until he sees something. The head of a man. A familiar man. Blonde hair and mid twenties. Conner swears he saw this man before but he can’t think about that as he gets his aim ready.

Cole watches the amusement park as he sits behind the former food stand, with Billie and Alfred hiding behind buildings on opposite sides of him, with Billie having the shotgun and Alfred having the pistol. Glancing around he can see the walkers coming in and he can guess that someone turned on the generators, yet no one is nearby. It appears deserted. Not a single soul. “This doesn’t feel right.” Cole says to his teammates, who also are searching the area.

“We should get out of here why we still have the chance.” Alfred calls over to the two, knowing something bad will happen if they stay there. Billie glances over to him and seems annoyed by his answer.

“Alfred I had good hopes for you here, don’t make me drop them already.” She says back kinda harsh as she looks around the corner, knowing people are here. They aren’t just gonna let people get away.

“Billie, he has a point.” Cole says hushed as he decides to glance up toward the high parts of the park. “For all we know this could be a giant deathtrap.”

“These games in general are a fucking deathtrap, Cole.” Billie keeps looking around, knowing that someone else has to be there. She looks over to the former game stands and thinks she can see someone. A man her age runs down the area. Shaggy brown hair, blue eyes and ragged up clothes. He looked like an easy prey. “Be right back.” Billie quietly says to them before she disappears, before Cole can say a thing.

“Billie what the hell-” Cole shouts over to her before he catches a glimpse of a middle aged man on top of the roller coaster and he can see something reflect of the sun. “Alfred get down!” Cole shouts before he dives to the ground, barely missing the bullet that the man shot at them.

Conner curses under his breath as he just missed his shot, now cocking his rifle to fire another shot. As he aims at the man, with another man now joining him behind the stands, he can catch a glimpse of a young girl with blonde hair run the opposite direction. But Conner ignores her since she is making her way in Ash’s direction.

Ken’s suspicions were right about other people being here, something he just figured out because a Katniss looking girl with blonde hair was chasing him, a shotgun firmly placed in her hands. Ken cursed as he felt pretty outgunned here, as he only had a knife and an empty pistol. Ken, glancing behind him, can see the girl stopping and aiming her gun. Faster than he’s ever gone before he quickly jumps behind a building as the girl fires.

“Fuck.” Billie quietly mutters as she just missed her shot. She holds her shotgun close as she runs toward the man, who was hiding right behind a building.

Ken quickly dashes from the building as the girl jumps around to shoot at him. Ken wasn’t really scared of her but he just wasn’t gonna fight a girl with a shotgun. No, Ken needed to get the surprise on her. Seeing she was no where nearby he ducked behind a dumpster and awaited her presence. 

Billie slowly walks down the area as she doesn’t take the aim of her shotgun, knowing that the man is nearby. She knows that he is. She can’t let this guy get the best of her, now now. She knows that she is so close to winning.

The moment he sees her Ken jumps out of his cover, ready to strike. Billie was quick and she quickly hit him with the butt of her shotgun, dazing Ken for only a second. Before she has the chance to fire he grips the shotgun and rips it from her hands, accidentally slipping it from his hands to as the shotgun slides across the area. Billie, annoyed and  angry, doesn’t have time to run for the shotgun so she slaps him across the face, efficiently giving Ken a scratch on his face.

Ken, ignoring the pain on his cheek, grabs her by the wrist and throws her to the ground, as Billie kicks at him. Putting his hand on her stomach to hold her down, he uses his other hand to reach for his knife. But his unbalanced stance gives Billie the perfect opportunity to kick his shin and reach for his knife. The sudden kick on his shin makes Ken drop his knife and he watches as Billie goes for it. Billie grips the knife and swings up toward Ken, getting the knife into Ken’s hip.

Ken screams in slight pain as he yanks the now bloody knife out and watches as Billie runs for the shotgun. Fuck this he says in his mind as he turns around and runs, holding his bloody hip as he does. Billie, who just picked up her shotgun, runs in the direction she thinks he went.

PJ sits quietly in the former store as he holds a bat close to him, just in case so uninvited guest came. Even with the bat PJ is unsure if he could win in a fight and he hopes that Conner and Ash are taking care of all the contestants. But if it came down to it PJ would do it, he would freeze up but he would still do it. 

Ironically PJ can hear someone outside and he quickly stands to his feet, hiding behind the corner wall. He peeks around to the door and can see a blonde girl outside through the glass, and he thinks he can see a shotgun in her hand. He instantly grows scared and he looks away from the door, taking in a few deep breaths as he grips the bat close.

Then the door opens and he can hear the girl step inside. Her breathing, her movement and her sweat show they she had just been in a fight. She must be looking for someone. PJ thinks about talking to her for a second, maybe he can convince her to drop her weapon.

Billie slowly aims around the once toy store, swearing she saw movement in here. It must be the guy. She slowly walks around the room and glances left to right, knowing someone is in here. She just needs to find them. She walks along the toy store and puts her finger on the trigger. Suddenly she can hear a noise.

PJ thinks he caused to much noise as he dropped the bat and his eyes go wide out of shock. Quickly the girl faces in his direction.

Billie heard something. She doesn’t know if it was the man or not but she could see someone. Not looking twice she fires in that direction.

Alfred fires a few shots at the sniper, but his high vantage and Alfred’s lack of aim makes it hard to hit him. The sniper fires another shot and this time Alfred barely misses it. Alfred curses under his breath as he reloads the gun. He knew that something was gonna go wrong if they came here.

“Alfred give me the gun.” Cole says to him and Alfred hands him the gun, knowing Cole is probably a better shooter than him. Cole checks the ammo and seeing they only have ten shots, he decides to make them count. He aims his gun over the stand and aims right at the sniper. Cole fires three shots with no hesitation.

Conner found it funny how the people tried shooting at him, it made him laugh. There was no way that they are gonna be able to shoot him and Conner had joy in watching them scramble to shoot him. It was entertaining. But it was time for Conner to finish this so he aimed down his scope and fires, but this time he didn’t aim at the men.

A bullet blasts right into a lit lantern that was hanging on top of the stand. In a matter of seconds the fire from the lantern escapes and spreads onto the stand. “Holy shit.” Cole exclaims as he scrambles away from the stand, which is now catching into flames, with Alfred right behind him. The two run behind a building and watch as the sniper still tries to shoot at them. “We need to find Billie and get the hell out of here.” Alfred says to Cole, who agrees with almost no hesitation.

“Sounds fine by me.” Cole says back as he begins to run for the wall, his eyes looking for Billie and the pistol in his hand. 

Ash watches as the two men run away to find their friend but Ash didn’t care about them right now. He only had one thing on his mind; PJ. He saw someone enter the building he was in and he just recently heard a shotgun go off and it didn’t take long for the bad thoughts to come to his mind. He needed to get their fast.

“What is he doing?” Conner asks himself as he watches Ash run toward the building where PJ was at. From the look on Ash’s face it seemed like something was wrong.

“Why did we come here?” Leroy exclaims as Amelia makes him hide behind cover, as she searches around with her pistol. Luckily she managed to find three bullets before they came to the park, only three though. And by the sounds of all those gunshots she guesses that there won’t be enough. 

“Just keep calm.” She calls back as her eyes go around the area, her survival instinct having flipped on. 

“How am I supposed to keep calm?!”

“Just quiet.” She says back to him a little harsher than she intended, but she couldn’t be disturbed as she aimed around the area. She had to get them out of there safely, something she intended to do. She listened as she could hear the gunshots going off around the park. She heard rifles, pistols and shotguns. Some fight must be going on and Amelia doesn’t want to get involved. Not yet anyway.

She noticed that the area they were in was pretty quiet, as she only noticed a few infected whom she decided to ignore. Other than that the area seemed okay, for now anyway. But there was no saying how long would it take for people to show up. “Let’s get going.” She called over to Leroy.

He knew her or at least he thought he did. Her blonde hair and her eyes just seemed all familiar to him. But who cares if he saw her before, he just needed to kill her. A smile grew on his face as he saw another person too, a little boy who was walking right behind the girl. Two easy prey for Mark.

Mark aimed his rifle across the area and put his finger on the trigger, just waiting for the perfect aim as he aimed for the girl first. He think he found the perfect aim and so he was about to shoot. But Mark made a little to much noise and the girl quickly turned, meeting eyes with him.

Amelia immediately recognized the man. His dirty appearance, brown hair and the eyes, the same unremorseful eyes, were the same. This was the man who killed Sarah. The one who killed Naomi. The one who killed Danny and the one who caused all this shit to happen to her. She suddenly felt a rage build up inside her as she dove behind cover as he opened fire.

Amelia, making sure Leroy was safe behind cover first, shot a bullet in the man’s direction. He was swift as he to went behind cover, causing Amelia to curse under her breath. “What are you doing?” Leroy’s voice called out to her.

“Quiet, Leroy!” She said angry as she aimed toward the man. She sounded harsh but she couldn’t get distracted now. Her chance of revenge was here. She saw the man come out of cover again and she fired another bullet. Miss.

Mark couldn’t take the risk anymore. The girl was firing fast and the walkers were coming closer, he needed to make his escape. Sending three bullets in the girl’s way with his rifle, he takes out his pistol and shoots the walker that gets close.

Amelia runs in the direction where the man was, deciding to take him head on. With her last bullet in hand she turns the corner and finds nothing except some dead walkers. He’s gone. Amelia quickly looks around the area and tries seeing where he went. He couldn’t escape now, she was so close. “C’mon Leroy.”

“Where are we going?” Leroy asks panicked as he jogged over to Amelia, and he could tell she seemed different right now. 


Billie stares in utter shock as she stares at the body of the kid she just killed. His body laid slumped against the wall and a giant hole was in his chest. She just murdered a kid. “Oh my…” She can’t even finish the words as she drops her shotgun out of shock. 

Sure she wanted to win the games but killing a kid...she didn’t think she could do that. “Okay Billie…” She begins to tell herself as she stands to her feet, deciding that she needs to keep moving. But she couldn’t just stop staring at the body.

“PJ!” She soon heard a voice come into distance, the voice of a young man. Deciding to leave the man to find the body, she acted fast as she turned go grab her shotgun. However the moment she turned she was met with the surprise of someone standing at the door. A young man with long black hair and a crossbow in his hand, his foot on top of the shotgun. She noticed his face as he looked over at the kid’s body, his face full of shock, depression and anger.

“Buddy….” Billie tries to say but the person points his crossbow right at her, all his emotions now overtaking by anger.

“Do you know what you’ve done you fucking, little bitch.” He says with the anger pure in his voice, Billie could tell this kid wasn’t to be messed with. But the kid then throws his crossbow and picks up the shotgun and Billie knew this was the end.

Suddenly she could feel something hit her in the back of her head and she fell to the ground, holding her now hurting head. Through her dazy vision she can see a middle aged man standing behind her.

“Put the gun down, Ash.” Conner says to the angry Ash, who looked like he could massacre a herd of walkers.

“Why the hell should I? She fucking killed him!”

“Don’t you get it? This bitch is part of the group that killed Kim.” He says as he bends down and picks the girl up by her neck, his arm roughly around it. “She can be useful.”

“Why the hell do you mean useful?”

“We can find out what she knows. Her group, their weaknesses and all that.” Conner reminds him, trying to calm the kid down “We take her alive.”

Ash looks down at her and she can feel the anger in him just rising. Like he just wants to shoot her. “Will she suffer?”

“More than we can imagine.” Are the last words she hears before Conner lifts his foot and stomps in her face.

Cole can see it, the horrible bloody scene that sits before him. Billie on the unconscious on the ground, a kid dead beside her and two people taking her hostage. The middle aged man is tying her hands with wire as the younger one guards the door and Cole can see the younger one is trying not to cry.

“We gotta help her.” Cole immediately says to Alfred, who is counting the ammo they have. Alfred glances back up toward Cole and Alfred’s face tells that he doesn’t think they should.

“Cole I’m sorry but we can’t.”

“What the hell do you mean we can’t?” 

“We have basically no ammo left and those guys have three different guns. We are sorta out gunned here plus who knows what they’ll do to Billie if we get to close.” Cole looks at him, with his anger to much to understand Alfred. But then he notices Alfred may be right as he glances around the area to see numerous walkers surrounding the area. Cole then glances back between Alfred and the group, trying to chose which one. Does he try to save her or wait another day?

He looks over to the group and he takes one last look at them. He looks at the older man’s face and he memorizes it. He’ll find him one day. One day. Maybe by then Billie may be alive to but Cole knows she may not be. “Let’s go.” His broken silent says to Alfred as he backs up from the store, not taking his eyes off the knocked out Billie.

Scott and Lilly run down the streets, trying to avoid the herd that caught them. Just a few minutes ago Lilly made the stupid idea of checking out where the music was coming from and they were met by a herd. A giant one. Looks like their plan of finding the game maker wasn’t going so good.

“We need to get the hell out of here.” Lilly says to Scott as he leads her out of the area, but his mind ignores her as his mind races through thoughts. He wants to be the hero and get Lilly out of here but his cowardness is trying to take over. Just leave her his inner coward tries telling him and he almost listens to it.

No. That is what Scott tells himself as he grabs Lilly by the arm and yanks her in front of him, making sure the infected don’t get her. “Give us cover.” Scott tells her as he hands her a rusty, black pistol. Gripping the pistol close, she puts her finger on the trigger. She’s not gonna die yet.

She aims behind her and fires into the crowd of walkers, firing like a mad-woman in hopes she hits something. After firing a few bullets she turns around and begins to run, not even checking to see if she hit anything.

She follows Scott’s lead as he guides her across the street and over to the shopping center, in hopes of losing the herd there. With Lilly giving him cover,  Scott decides to look into the malls to see which one is safest. Most of the runs he notices are rundown and shabby, also with most of them being full of infected.

Lilly stands her ground and fires at the herd of infected, just waiting for Scott to find a safe place. But every second he takes to find one, the chance of them dying raises. “Scott, hurry it up.” She says to him as she fires a few shots into the walkers.

Scott looks at his last option of safety, a RadioShack which is sitting right in the corner of the mall. Doors are intact, as are the windows, and Scott can see no infected inside. Seemed perfect so far. “Lilly I found somewhere!” Scott shouts back to Lilly, who soon drops her stance and makes her way toward Scott. She then proceeds to follow his lead into the RadioShack.

Once inside Scott quickly slams the doors shut and puts a rusty pipe, which he found nearby, through the door handles to keep it shut. Backing away he watches as the walkers begin to pound on the door, trying to break it, but to no avail. Scott smiles at his success. “Alright Lilly I think we’re safe.” Scott says to her but he doesn’t hear a response. “Lilly?” He asks again to no answer. 

Scott turns around to find Lilly standing in place. not moving as she stares ahead at something. Scott glances in the direction she is looking at and he can see it. A young boy with brown hair stands at the other end of the room, with his hand over his bloody hip.

She could feel her head spinning and her vision dazey as she finally opened her eyes again. The room around her was dark and the only source of light was a thin light bulb that hanged above her. The bulb itself only produced a small amount of light, as she can only see a few feet in front of her. 

It is during this moment she can see two figures in front of her. Her kidnappers. She first sees the middle aged one as he is pouring some water into an empty jar, with a rag in his hand. Slightly behind him stands the younger one, Ash she thinks his name is, who just sends glares in Billie’s direction. “Conner, she’s awake.” Ash says and Billie watches as the middle aged man, Conner turns toward her. 

“Well good afternoon, princess.” Conner says while he begins to walk toward her, wheeling with him a cart with him as he does. Just from one little glance Billie can tell that the cart isn’t exactly full of friendly toys. 

“Who are you?” Is the first thing Billie says as she glances between the two men, trying to figure out more about them.

“Well we are like you really,” Conner begins “woke up in some town, told to kill people and so we did. We are puppets, just like you apparently.” Conner walks around her and Billie can feel the coldness of his heart spread around the room. “Only difference is that you killed our friends.”

“Friends?” Billie knew she killed the kid but who was the other.

“Yeah, don’t you remember. The black hair, dark skin, loving eyes..” Conner begins to describe and Billie instantly remembers the girl. The same girl she killed. Conner can tell from her facial expressions that she figured that out. “Now I’m not here because of that though.No, I want information.”

“About what exactly?”

“Your friends.” Conner says with a smirk on his face, enjoying the fear that is coming from Billie’s body. “Names, weakness, kill count and all that other fun stuff.”

“Do you really think I would just sit here and tell you, dumbass.” Billie says, with the last word a little hushed. But Conner still heard it and Billie knew this, so she smiled at it. If she was gonna die last thing she can do is irritate this guy. Suddenly she can feel Conner’s fist connect into her face and everything goes slightly blurry, as she can also feel the blood go down her lip.

“I don’t like name calling, bitch.” Conner says he shakes his fist, trying to get Billie’s blood of it. “Now what are your friends like?”

“Well I can tell you that they will track you down and make you wish you never messed with us.”

“Ah, but you see you messed with us first.” Ash watches as Conner picks a pipe and  swings toward toward Billie’s stomach, causing the fragile girl to cough in pain. Ash can’t help but smile at her pain but he doesn’t really see the point of torturing her. He just wanted to shoot an arrow between her eyes and get it over with. But he wasn’t in charge here. 

“I said tell me about them.” Conner says without even giving Billie time to breathe. Billie, who only slightly catches her breath, takes a minute to look around the room. Maybe she could escape?

“Well,” Billie buys her time “my friend Cole is gonna find me and when he finds you, I would be scared to be you buddy.”

“Oh trust me, I’m already scared to be me.”

“You really think you scare me?” Billie says with a smirk on her face, trying her best to cover up her fear. Truth was she was scared out of her mind and she felt like she could piss her pants right now. “You don’t scare me one bit.”

“Let’s change that then.” Conner says and he walks over to the cart, pulling the jar of water and rag off. As Conner walked toward her, Billie knew what was coming. How painful she would feel after this. Then it came. Conner suddenly kicked her to the ground and the chair she was on went backwards, landing on its back. Conner then shoves a rag on her face and then it happened.

Conner started pouring the water onto the rag over Billie’s face, enjoying how Billie squirmed due to it. Billie felt like she was drowning and she could feel her life slip away. The water went into her nostrils and into her mouth. Then it stopped and no more water came. Over just like that.

Conner suddenly threw her chair up onto the legs and ripped the rag off her face, finally giving her the chance to breath. She gasped and squirmed for air, causing Conner to smile at this. “Having fun?” He asks and soon Billie spits all the water that was in her mouth into his face, causing Conner to jump back.

Billie laughs at him as she leans back on her chair, still trying to breath. Ash watches as Conner wipes the water from his face, pure anger in his face. Conner must had great patience with this girl because Ash felt like shooting this girl right in the face. 

He didn’t care about this torturing stuff, all he wanted to do was kill this girl. Who needs information? It was pointless. But if Ash killed her then the odds of him winning is better, and he will avenge PJ.

As Conner walks over to Billie, Ash found himself grabbing his crossbow. He couldn’t take Billie anymore and he just wanted to end it. Conner doesn’t notice as Ash raises his crossbow and points it in Billie’s direction, or how Ash puts his finger on the trigger.

“So, where were we..” Conner begins to say before Ash lets his finger fall back on the trigger. Then Conner can only watch as an arrow flies right in between Billie’s eyes and her body goes slump.

Ken thought he was safe, at least he was hoping he was. With his injured hip all he wanted to do was rest but nope. Luck hates Ken because currently he was staring at two people who just entered the store he was in. A pretty young woman and a teenage man, both were staring at Ken like he did something wrong.

“Look I don’t want any…” Ken begins to say before the man quickly whips out a pistol and points it at Ken. Ken can instantly tell from the man’s eyes that he wouldn’t hesitate to shoot. “Easy buddy.”

“Just get on your knees.” The man says as he signals Ken to get on his knees. Ken, already injured and not wanting another fight, hesitantly complies as he lowers himself onto his knees.

“What are you doing?” The pretty woman asks as the man continues to point his gun. “Just shoot him.”

“He could have supplies and friends.” The man says before walking closer to the man. “I’m just making sure he has none first.”

Scott walks over to the injured teenager and puts his pistol up against his forehead. Sure the kid wasn’t much of a threat in his injured state but he still needed to be taken care of. Lilly stood back at the door as Scott was getting ready to kill the man. “Are you alone?” Scott asks and he watches as the teen nods his head. “Any friends?”

“I wish.” The teen mutters and Scott can’t help but smirk. This was gonna be easy.  Scott, with his finger on the trigger, was ready to get his first kill.

Ken couldn’t die now. He made it so far and he wasn’t gonna let some arrogant man kill him. If he was gonna survive then Ken needed to do something risky. Very risky. “Sorry bout this bro.” The man says and he is about to pull the trigger until Ken jumps up and grips the pistol, pointing it away from his head as the man fires. He survived.

Scott wrestles with the teenager over his pistol as Lilly reaches to get hers. “Lilly help me out here!” Scott yells over to her as he continues to wrestle with the kid. Ken however punches Scott square in the jaw and this sends Scott back a little. With Scott distracted Ken dives for the pistol and quickly picks it up.

Since Lilly is grabbing her pistol Ken sees her as the threat and aims in her direction, ready to kill to survive. However Scott sees this and suddenly his inner hero spoke out. 

Ken pulled the trigger and watched as the bullet traveled toward Lilly, but Scott pushed her out of the way and was hit instead. Lilly watches as Scott’s dead body falls to the ground, a bullet directly in his neck.

Lilly stares in shock for a moment as her last teammate lays dead on the ground, still taking in the fact that Scott died for her. Then she remembered the person that killed him is still in the room. She turns from her cover to shoot and sees Ken standing there with a pistol, pointed right at Lilly. Ken opens fire first and the bullet hits the window right behind Lilly, causing it to break. Lilly prepares to shoot back but the walkers begin to crawl through the window.

Lilly begins to run the opposite way as the walkers chase her out, giving Ken enough time to escape the building.

Conner stares in shock as Billie’s dead body sits slumped up against the chair, then glances over to the shooter. Ash stands there, crossbow in hand, and a smile on his face. Ash slowly lowers his crossbow as Conner still stars at him. “What the hell was that?” Conner demands to know angrily as he walks over to the boy, with Ash staring at Conner like he’s crazy.

“We were gonna end up killing her anyway,” Ash defends himself “why waste the time when I could just do it now.”

“We were making effort.” Conner mutters back “All the information we could have got from her.”

“Information? All she would have told us is about her friends. How the hell does that help us?”

“We could have got more from her-”

“Don’t fucking bullshit me, Conner.” Ash says, throwing his crossbow to the ground and walking over to Conner, ready to stand up to him. “You only tortured her so you could feel better about Kim.”

“Don’t bring Kim into this!”

“Why you know it’s true!” Ash says back and he finds himself being a little bit to harsh, so he decides to speak down a little. “Conner I know how you feel. I’ve lost people too.”

That is when Conner shoots forward, leaning close to Ash so he can hear the following words. “You have no idea what loss is.”

“Everyone I’ve known has either left me or died. Hell most of them died because of me! So don’t fucking lecture me on what loss is. What have you lost Conner?”

“I’ve lost more than you can imagine.” 

“I bet you fucking have.”

“Shut up!” Conner finally snaps on the kid “Just shut the fuck up!” Conner can feel all this rage up inside him and he just wants to snap, but he doesn’t. He can’t afford ruining another relationship. So instead Conner just walks away from Ash, leaving the boy in the room alone.

A small fire has started as Cole and Alfred sit there at night. The silence between them is heavy and neither of them speak a word, both of them still taking in the shit that happened. Billie’s out there somewhere, possibly dead, and Cole is focused on getting revenge. He memorized the middle aged man’s face. Long brown hair, brown beard and blue eyes. Cole was gonna find that fucker and kill him.

“You okay?” Alfred asks Cole, who just sits there for a few seconds before responding. 

“No.” He simply responds unemotional. 

“I’m sorry about-”

“Don’t say it.” Cole says back to him, not wanting to hear anything about Billie. It was all his fault and Cole knew it. “Just get some sleep. We got a big day tomorrow.”

“What’s tomorrow?”

“We’re gonna find the bastard that took her,” Cole begins “and snap his fucking neck.”

Night has officially started as the moon rose high that night. The streets were dead silent except for a few infected, but nothing to serious. There was nothing out there that could hurt Ash, as he sat in the room packing a bag full of supplies. It was time.

With a bag over his shoulder and his crossbow attached to the bag, Ash was already to leave. But there was still one thing. One thing Ash still needed to do. Take care of Conner.

Currently Conner was sleeping in some old officer and he’s been sleeping for hours. A nice final sleep. Slowly gripping an arrow Ash walks slowly into Conner’s room and could see Conner sleeping on the floor. Ash watched as Conner laid there rolling around in his sleep, muttering the words “Ash”, “Maura”, “Joey” and “Kim” over and over again. Guy had issues.

He slowly walks over and looks down onto Conner’s face. It is here that Conner looked like a broken man, which he was. Ash looked at him and tried forcing himself to just finish the job. All he had to do was stab him in the neck, but his sympathy was just coming over. Like it or not this man did save him, he felt some compassion for the guy.

“My fucking emotions…” Ash silently mutters as he puts the arrow in his pocket, deciding not to do it. Opening his bag he places a few supplies next to Conner, enough that will last him a few days. Then Ash slowly began to back up, trying not to make a noise.

Soon enough Ash found himself at the fire escape and he quickly hopped out onto the stairs. He quickly made his way down before making his way into the night, not looking back once.


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