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A story by Vauseman

When Anton Resnik -- the West's most famed superhero -- bites the dust, a near-frenzy ensues and his daughter Ruby struggles with the pressure of following in his footsteps. Derek -- Anton's self-proclaimed superfan -- is arguably as devastated as she is. Amidst the tragedy, they manage to strike up a friendship -- a pairing that acts as the catalyst for a new group of heroes ready to shake up the nation.
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A story by NOStalgic

Civilization in King Landings has never been better before, but after the death of King Davos Vass, his son is forced to take the reigns. Darrock Vass, the first born son takes hold of the throne. Darrock, then must choose a hand of the king, what better hand than the one that served his Father. Rubert Peters, takes the position to help his friend Davos of many years. Thus, Darrock is now set to marry Lady Sanya Baelish, of house Baelish, one of the richest families in all of Westoros. Thus, this wedding will help Westoros thresh for many years to come.
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Stepbystep banner
A story by Zedhead22

In the midst of a compilation of murky waters called politics, an underlying factor slowly creeps into the souls of humanity. In the foundations of the disease's effects, it is brushed off as a weak, pathetic flu. Then, the first recorded case of the sickness dies. The undead masses are walking. The governments of the world are quick to crumble, dragging society down with it. Armies are left to take the responsibility of clearing up the mess, but they have underestimated the forces of the undead, and are quickly finding out that they're up for a much harder fight than they'd imagined. Being forced into the sprawling city of Indianapolis, brimming with undead, they are forced to do anything in their power to survive and get from one location to another, taking it Step By Step.
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