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Featured Story

The Unforgettable Face by Mayor Zain

A group of junior high students and many others from Edmonton and beyond are trying to survive the global apocalypse, and are hoping to live until it all ends. Zain and Connor lead their friends, and strangers they've never met before, on a strange journey to find a sanctuary. Once they find their safe haven, they forget there are threats even within. They learn that everything they'd experience is unforgettable, their losses, death, safe havens... The face of the zombie is something unforgettable. When they die, they would see the last person they'd see. The last face they see is The Unforgettable Face.

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Character of the Month

Adam Dugall from Dead Frontier


Adam is a kind soul, often willing to take risks for the group but never losing sight of his own well-being. The initial shock of the apocalypse leaves him afraid and unsure of himself, but, eventually, he's forced to adapt to the world like everyone else. However, he's managed to stay calm and level-headed through it all, a trait that's highly revered by his peers.

The respect that Adam has managed to uphold is most responsible for his segue into the group's lead decision-maker. Managing to be fair and honest without being a pushover, Adam has done whatever he can to keep the group together. It's a daunting task, but he hides that underlying fear of failure from everyone else.

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