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A story by Pops Capo

Set in the early days of a mysterious and devastating epidemic, the story follows Michael Ashcrofty, a self-absorbed and unfaithful doctor in Chicago, as he deals with the deterioration of his family life while maintaining an extramarital affair with a coworker. The emergence of a mysterious plague which spreads like wildfire further increases the rift between him and his family, putting him at odds with the people he is close with. As the world he knows begins to crumble – engulfed by chaos and death – he is faced with one important question: is this really who he wants to be?
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A story by TheInfected

Miami used to be a lovely city. Sunny skies, palm trees, beaches. It was paradise. That was, until, an unknown virus spread world wide. Miami was quick to be transformed into a safe-zone that protects citizens from the damaged world. It was, in planning process, the city of the future, the city that would help bring America back onto it's feet. For awhile, these plans were correct. Miami was the leading safe-zone, bring forth technology and all kinds of equipment for people to use. Something, however, changed. No one knows what exactly, but one day, it all changed.

Fifteen years into the apocalypse, Miami, now dubbed 'Sin City', is a shadow of it's former self. The 'City of the Future' is full of crime, corruption, death, and is falling in standards everyday. The gap between rich and poor, survivors and humans, and people in general has grown full blown, with the scent of civil war around the corner. With the zone slowly falling by the inside, the only way Sin City can regain it's former title is if it fixes not the world, but itself. Maybe, just maybe, they can change the world once that deed is done, but if it were as simple as it sounded.
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A story by NOStalgic

The city of Bellforde is a standard city at first glance; skyscrapers line the skies, while its numerous citizens go on about their everyday lives down below. But on the streets, life can be rough. Misfits follows six troubled young adults, with different level of crimes. They must put their differences aside, and learn to cope with each other.
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