Hey guys I here to celebrate my Third Year on this wiki, yes I know that I'm not a very active but now I trying to get back to what I was like when I joined full of energy and ready to write.

I like to thank the many people I have met throughout my 3 years: Johnno, TheInfected, Fitz, Pops :3, Cros (AKA: Crabbit), Nathan's many,many accounts, Vause, Hallowseve, Cperez, Max, Kaffe and Purry sorry if I missed some of you guys out but there are too many to count including the ones who have a tiny bit of activity then disappearing.

And now I have officially finished my First offically completed story I am ready to go back to doing a range of issues in a month as you seen through my recent explosion in activity.

Here's to many more years on being a part of this wiki and more people who will join in the future.

Here is Daryl Maylam AKA Big Boss signing out \o/

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