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Alejandro Valdez Bermuda









18 ("A Toast to the Future")


Supply runner
Juvenille delinquent (formerly)




1 pistol
1 axe


Tyler Posey

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Issue 3 - present

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32 issues

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A Long Road to Fortune

Alejandro Valdez, commonly referred to only as Valdez, is a main character in A Long Road to Fortune

General InformationEdit

Valdez was a native of Tecpan de Galeana and lived in the town of el Cerrito, close to the outskirts of Tecpan. His parents were strict on him at a young age and wanted to control his future, wanting him to be a successful doctor. Valdez eventually grew tired from all of this constant pressure and rebelled against his parents; he became increasingly absent from school and joined a gang. Valdez and the gang formed an unknown conflict against each other later but before the gang could execute him, he was saved by a troubled Ashton. Ashton decided to become his partner in crime and the duo became notorious delinquents throughout the municipality. Later, when Ashton was caught, Valdez retired from such a lifestyle.


Valdez wound up a refugee of Tecpan's marketplace.

Appearing for the first time as soon as Ashton arrives in the marketplace, Valdez is eager to comment on his friends relationship with Liza and showing him around the marketplace. As they catch up with news of the apocalypse, he and Mendoza shut down Ashton's idea of going off on a rescue mission to the local high school. Much later, Valdez is one of the few able bodies to defend the marketplace after an infected breach. The following day, he assists on attempting to clear the soccer field.

Valdez is one of the few horrified to see that Ashton later sneaks off on his own on a rescue mission for Mr. Chet, Daniel, Aguila, and Jaime. He is the first to discover this when a solemn Liza tells him the news. Anticipating Gustavo's attack the next day, Valdez is given a gun to aid in the predicted fire exchange. Luckily for both the marketplace and Gustavo's faction, both parties agree on a truce and agree to live in harmony within the marketplace's walls.

On the wake of Saul Mendrena's attack, Valdez and Ashton spot cartel hit men ready to attack the marketplace. With both boys having the element of surprise, they begin to move forward with the intention of dispatching these hostiles.

To be added.


Valdez is a mixture of many colorful shades, to contrast the otherwise dreary mood of the Tecpan Safe zone. Easy to like despite his background, many of the zone's survivors have easily warmed up to Valdez and his laid back approach to life, a trait that influences and contaminates the beings of otherwise-sour inhabitants (such as Daniel). Although not as intelligent or analytic as some others, Valdez has a wit that keeps on swelling and mouth that keeps on swooning. He is not to be underestimated, though he'd much rather share a beer and a good laugh with those around him. These traits and more are what make Valdez a source of pure, unadulterated life amongst the safe zone, providing just a sliver of the "normal" life that preceded the apocalypse to the life that succeeded it.



  • Ruby Resnik: Babymomma
  • Marjorie Resnik-Valdez: Daughter
  • Jaden Smith Resnik-Valdez: Son, Gollum
  • Mr. Valdez: Father
  • Mrs. Bermuda: Mother

Personal life

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous counts of infected
  • One cartel hit man
  • Mr. Barrera (Infected)


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Third World The Lion's Sacrifice Return A Long Road to Fortune Trauma Hero
Live and Let Die Again Finger On The Trigger Colosseum Anna Past Mistakes Seasons Change
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  • "Valdez" is his surname. His first name, Alejandro, was not revealed until Issue 22.
  • Valdez was originally conceived as a supporting character but was given a larger role to balance out the complex, darker personalities and story arcs of the rest of the main cast.
  • A sleeveless pillow has more character development than Valdez.
  • Valdez was physically based on actor Kristyan Ferrer, although Valdez is taller.
    • Despite this, actor Tyler Posey was later chosen to be his image.
  • Valdez has a tendency to occasionally refer to himself in third person.
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