Actor Emma Stone
Status Dead
Age Late 20's
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relations Will Jacobson (Boyfriend)

Unborn Child; Deceased

First Seen Morts-Vivants/Issue 2
Last Seen Morts-Vivants/Issue 32
Death Shot by Brenda

Shot by Sam (Before Reanimation)

Other Information
"And if you tell anyone, I will cut you're dick off and hang it on my wall"
—Veronica to Mike, threatening him to make sure he doesn't tell about the pregnancy.

Veronica is a main character in Morts-Vivants.



Nothing is known about Veronica's life prior to the apocalypse.


Veronica set up a camp off the highway with other survivors.  She survived the attack on the camp.  She went with the group to go to a farm that Jake said would be safe.  On the way there, she stopped to go make a run for gas.  Veronica and Will entered the gun store and had sex and started to date. She got to Jim Lee's farm safely and found out that you don't have to be bit to reanimate.  She asked Mike to get her pregnancy tests.  She found out she was pregnant and Mike was the only one who knew and he kept giving her his share.  Paul started to make a move on her and she turned him down.  When Jim found Veronica puking and Mike holding her hair back, she told him and Jake overheard it.  When Trent attacked, he kicked in the door and attacked Veronica, Beverly, Mike, and Miranda.  Mike tackled Trent and Trent shot both of Mike's knees.  Veronica ended up getting his gun after Miranda stabbed Trent in the back forcing him to drop it when he was about to kill Mike.  She then shot him in the head.   After a bunch of people were kidnapped by the prison survivors, Will came up with a plan to take them on and save his kidnapped group members and Veronica finaly tells Will she's pregnant.  Veronica and Olivia bonded while Will was attacking the prison.  When Zachary came to the farm house, she trusted him.  He attacked her and she survived.  When biters attacked the farm her and Abby ran away.  Abby was bit and she left her.  Jim Lee stole her car and drove away.  She was saved by Mike, Chrissy, Zoey, and Arnold.  They made it into the forest and when she got too far behind them they forgot about her.  Sam and Alan found her and they traveled.  Veronica ran through the forest when she heard Brenda and Jenny talking.  She startled them and Brenda shot her out of fear.  Sam put her down.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Trent
  • Numerous Counts of Zombies


Killed By:Edit

  • Brenda (Accidental)
  • Sam (Before Reanimation)

When Veronica came out of the forest and scared Brenda, Brenda shot her in the abdomen and she died in Sam's arms.  Sam put her down.


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