This is issue 2 of Walking Dead The Specials.

Issue 2 (Patricia and Otis (Comic Series)Edit

O and P

"Did you hear that?" asked Patricia shaking, "Calm down, Ain't nothing gettin through those gates snapped Otis. "But the other houses, what if the monsters got 'em" asked Patricia who slowly slouched against the wall tightly clenching a baseball bat. "You don't know that, now shut ya trap" he said frowning while rummaging through a cubard. "But Kaylee and Harry were ment to come back hours ago, Otis, they could be in trouble?" she said tears in her eyes "What'd I just say?" Otis snapped. "Anyways I always got my rifle, I'm a crack shot" he replied. Patricia went into there bedroom and carried a book from the bookshelf out and sat back were she was before. "What ya reading" asked Otis pearing through a gap in the boarded up windows. "Nothing, just Hansel and Grettal" she replied. "That be for kids, grow up" he snapped back. "I can read proper book! I just like pictures all" she snapped back.

Tap, Tap. "What was that?" asked Patricia who had drifted off. "Notin' go back to sleep" said Otis loading his rifle. "Maybe its Kayleigh" she said. "Patricia you go near that door and the last thing ya will be worrying about is Kayleigh and that Nigger husband of hers" snapped Otis. Patricia looked at him disgusted and lunged her self towards the door swiftly opening it. "WHAT YA DOING?!" Otis snapped grabbing Patricia's arm as walkers started to pour in. "Get back" cried Patricia hitting a elderly woman with the lower part of her face missing with the baseball bat. "Come on" snapped Otis dragging her into there bedroom. Patricia slammed the door behind them and Otis pushed a chair against it. "Why ya gotta be some dum Patricia?" asked Otis. "I thought... it was Kayleigh... I thought" Patricia went silent. Otis slammed her against the wall. "That's just it ain't it? Ya don't think!" he snapped. "I.." Patricia sentance was cut shorts as the groans of the undead grew louder.

"We gotta get out of here" said Otis smashing a window with the but of his rifle. "But where are we gonna go?" asked Patricia. "I know a guy, lives on a farm couple miles away. We can go there" said Otis climbing out. "Ya mean Hershel? He seemed nice" said Patricia climbing out the window too. "Yeah.. yeah keep ya voice down, lets go" snapped Otis

The End

By Rick123Axel


Kayleigh and Harry are orginal characters. (Not from the Walking Dead Comic Series)

Otis and Patricia were in Wiltshire Estates

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