This is Issue 4 of Walking Dead The Specials.

Issue 4 (Carol and Sophia (Comic Series)Edit

"DADDY!!!!" screamed Sophia. 
Carol and Sophia idajads
Jon put the guns barrel against his head. "Oh god...oh god...Mum....Dad...oh god" he said quietly before pulling the trigger, BLAM. Carol stood the silently as tears started rolling down her cheeks. Jon's still body fell to the ground. "Mum.... is dad..."Sophia started to cry. "Come on Sophia we've got to go" said Carol quickly pulling the car keys out of her pocket. "But Gran and Grampa...." said Sophia who still was standing still staring at her fathers body. "I'm sorry Sophia...we've got to go" said Carol, grabbing her arm and picking up Jon's gun. They both quickly got into the car, Carol reversed quickly almost smashing into the garage, Sophia shreeked as she looked out of her window and saw her grandfather devouring her grandmother. "Cover you eyes Sophia!" shouted Carol. Sophia did pulling her hood over her head. A few mintues of silence passed, not knowing what to say Carol told Sophia they were going to vist Aunt Sally in Atlanta. "I don't like aunty Sally..."she groaned. "We're nearly there, Atlanta is only a few....ARRRR!!!" screamed Carol swirving away from a young child who was seen devouring a twenty or thirty yearold women and crashing into a flipped over jeep. "Sophia....sophia...are you okay? Sophia!" shouted Carol worriedly. "I'm okay... my head hurts a little but I'm okay. "Good, I was worried" said Carol taking a breath of relife. "Who's the woman and boy at the widow?" asked Sophia confused. "What do you..." Carol turned around and saw the to roamers from before. Before Carol could react a kinfe stuck through the womens head and her corpse fell to the ground, the boy recieved the same fate. A young, black haired, Korean man wearing a sports cap looked inside the car. "Are you girls okay?" he asked. "Yes... we're fine" said a still light headed Carol. "You aren't heading into Atlanta are you?" asked the man. " sister lives there, we're going to stay with her, the radio says Atlanta is safe" she said. "Atlanta? Your kidding right? It's swarming with the dead" said the man. " sister..." said Carol who's eyes began to fill with tears again. "Oh...erm....I'm sorry. I'm staying with a group of people in a little picnic area, you both could come and stay there if you would like" said the man. "Thank you...we really appreciate it" replied Carol wiping away her tears. "I thought we were staying with aunty Sally?" asked Sophia confusedly.

The End

By Rick123Axel

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