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Willow Coillier
Actor Cher Lloyd
Status Alive
Age 23
Gender Female
Occupation Professional Dancer
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Relations Elana Coillier (Sister)

Rubio (Father) Justice (Mother)

First Seen Issue 19
Other Information
 Willow is a character in Beyond The Dead


Before the apocalyspe, her sister and her were visitng their parents. 


Her sister and her car had broken down, and was saved by Lionell. The three girls engaged with a chat with Lionell. At the mansion, she and Lionell engaged in more chat, where she learned Lionell kept a tape recorder to not forget his his mother sounds. Eventually Lionell greets her request and the two take a ride on his new BMW. During the trip, they made love starting a relationship between the two.

At the mansion, Willow made it out alive. Her, Alfred, Lionell, and her sister Elena met up witht he bus group later. Willow and Lionell both came upon Misty Forrest, where the two found out it was a safe haven. Quickly, they got their own house together. Every morning, Willow comforts Lionell, motivating him to do things. The two engage in, marriage, and children. Where Willow hints she likes the name Braxton.

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