Actor Timothy Olyphant
Status Alive
Age Unspecified; early 30s
Gender Male
Occupation Military
Relations Unknown
First Seen Episode 2: What Has Become
Last Seen N/A
Death N/A
Other Information

Xander is a main character in The End.


Nothing much is known about Xander, except that he was in the military. He mentions that he used to be an altar boy.


Xander is first seen in episode 2 when him and Mac save Charlotte from a horde of walkers. He brings them to a military base. He helps them bring Daniel there and then eventually he finds more people. He is known to cause chaos, but he means it in a nice way. In the third episode, when the base gets overrun, he helps defend everyone, and almost kills himself when he charges at them. He shouts at Lori to get Elle to stop crying, but is told to give her a break, and he quiets down. He goes with the group to the church, and stays there with them. When the curch burns down, the group find out the the church group are bad.

In season 2, he tries to distance himself from everyone, because he regretted ever saving Charlotte. He eventually goes back to normal. He is shot by one of the bandits, but survives. When they find a new town, they go out hunting, but get caught once again. Unfortunately, Xander is chosen to be killed by Nicholas. Nicholas beheads Xander as an example that he means business.


  • He mentioned that he worked in the military.
  • He owns a black BMW.
  • He is the one to run out for supplies.
  • He seems to believe that the world will go back to normal eventually.
  • He used to be an altar boy, which could mean he is religious, or has lost his faith along the way.
  • He is the first character to survive a gunshot.

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