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This article is about a character from The Sewers. You may be looking for Eden Rising character.
Xander Flour
No Image
Status Alive
Age Unspecified; same as Davis
Gender Male
Occupation Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Relations Davis Flour (Twin brother)
First Seen Issue 44
Last Seen N/A
Death N/A
Other Information
Xander Flour is a character in The Sewers.



Almost nothing is known about Xander's life prior to the apocalypse.


Arc 2 - SorrowEdit

Xander, along with his group, captured a group from The Sewers, and also killed a few.

Killed VictimsEdit







Characters in The Sewers
The Sewers

Residents:Liam, Ethan, Hansi, Noelle, Timmy, Brandon, Cole, Seth, Torben, Ying-Maa
Tucker Family: Bill, Nia, Tucker, Diane
Rhett Family: Andy, Brad
Butterfield Family: Hunter, Lisa
Pruit Family: Neil, Lillian, Nina

Pennystown Military Camp
Rebels: Ringo, Elbert, Bella
Officers: Nique, Alfred, Bernie, Mikhail, Sam
Residents: Alan, Wolfgang, Wayne

Pennystown Highway
Construction Site: Charlie

Laker Town Supermarket
Residents: Cal, Cooper, Ruben, Rob, Flenderton, Bart, Bobby
Flour Family: Davis, Xander

Characters in italic are dead or zombified.

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