Xavier Joyce is a character in Apocalypse Life.

He serves as one of the group's decision makers, thanks to his clear judgement and leadership skills. But as of late, his other goals are starting to invade his judgement.


By the age of 32, Xavier found himself lost; he didn't know his purpose in life, and most importantly, he didn't have a stable income. He lived near his sister and her family for at least ten years, until finally renting an apartment of his own. Unfortunately for him, the apocalypse would sweep the world a week later.


To be written.


He always looks very calm and composed, and it has aided him in solving the numerous conflicts his group would encounter. Thanks to his physical ability, he always likes to head scavenging runs.


Paul KauluEdit

To be written.

Shannon Joyce-KauluEdit

To be written.

Toni GambarettziEdit

To be written.


  • He is the tallest character to appear in the story.
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