Actor Zac Efron
Status Deceased
Age Late 20's
Gender Male
Occupation Nurse
Relations Harrison (Ex-Boyfriend)
First Seen Issue 2
Last Seen Issue 3
Death Eat by walkers as the group were saved by Louise, Gord and Doug.
Other Information
 Zachary is a character in Carley.


Before the apocalypse, Zachary lived in a flat above a shop in a small village just outside of Macon, Georgia. He established a relationship with Harrison during this time.



Issue 2Edit

Zach is first seen saving Carley's life in this episode, after she opens a supply closet at a gas station containing his undead father. He cries over killing his father and is then seen in the car on the way out of the small village.

Issue 3Edit

Zach is first seen sleeping in the back of Carley's van. He is awoken by her rapid acceleration to get away from Carley. He jumps over and soon begins to drive, causing an argument with Carley. Later, when the gas runs out, Carley and Zach have another argument. But, as the group are saved by Louise, Gord and Doug, Zach looses his footing and falls through the back doors and into the pit of walkers.


Zachary is normally strong and decisive but can break down when something dramatic happens. This is shown, when he kills his undead father.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • His Father (Undead)
  • Possibly a few walkers, but no more than five.



Harrison is Zachary's boyfriend. They seem to be very close as Harrison takes care of Zach after he kills his own father. Harrison is extremely heartbroken and distraught when Zach passes away.


Zach was originally annoyed at Britney for hitting on his boyfriend, Harrison, but the two have recently became friends. Britney cried, along with Harrison, when Zach died.


Zach started off being sour towards Carley, as she was the reason he had to kill his undead father. The pair had two arguments before he died. Although Carley did not like Zach, she would rather him be alive and dead, for Harrison's sake.


  • Zachary is the first survivor to be introduced after the apocalypse is known to have happened.

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