Zane Storm is one of the main characters of A Dead Mans World


He was a high school student in Austin Texas before the apocalypse, living a normal life. He usually hung out with his girlfriend Anna and his best friend Blake, going to school with them.

Post ApocalypseEdit

While Blake and Anna were staying the night with him when Mick kicks the door in and tells them they need to leave. When running, he notices his mom and Brittany eating Mick's partner Don. He freaks out at the sight of this as Mick tells him and the rest of the group they need to move and get to the police Station.

Volume 1Edit

At the police station they Zane meets Kyle who tells the group that there is a shower in the back and beds. Zane and Anna then proceed to have sex in one of the jails cells while Blake showers. Later on while searching for the groups family to take with them to Mick's  safehouse, he finds his father with only half of his body and zombified. Zane puts him down as they head towards Anna's neighborhood.

There he and Anna split up from Blake and Mick and   find Anna's mom dead in the basement with her throat slit by Luther, who Anna kills before she is attacked by a zombie. Zane kills the zombie and meet back up with Blake and Mick and head out. On the road to the house in Blanco, he discovers Anna's bite and nominates to put her down by taking her into the woods. However, he insteads shoots above her head and leaves her to turn.

Volume 2Edit


Volume 3Edit


Volume 4Edit


Killed VictimsEdit

Anna's Mother (Caused)

Zane's Father (Zombified)



Though not seen much, they had some bond as brother and sister. Hence, he was shocked to see he zombified.


He seems to have a dislike for his older brother but not really known why. All we do know is that he is probably in San Antonio. 


He cared deeply for Anna and she cared the same for him. They were each others first times and loves. Zane was deeply saddened when he learned she was bit, yet he couldn't put her down.


His best friend since childhood, they spend a lot of time together even before the apocalypse. Now that the world has went to hell though and Anna is gone, they now have only themselves to rely on. 


Though he blames Mick for not acting fast enough to get them safely into their school for shelter, he quickly forgives as they notice the schoolyard filled with zombies, realizing that he saved the groups lives.

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